<100 | Under $1k | 01.09.2012

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Its not often that we talk about digital watches here on worn&wound, but the Phosphor E-Ink line we can get behind.  Ordinarily selling for closer to $200, the DH04 model with black Ion case and customizable e-ink display can be yours for under $100 on amazon.com today.

Case width: 38.0mm
Case height: 12.5mm
Movement: Digital
Lens: Mineral Crystal
Water resistance: 5 ATM – 50m
Display: E-ink
Alarm: Built-in alarm

So there are a number of features of the Phosphor DH04 that make it an attractive purchase for those of you who are looking for your next (or first) digital watch.  First and foremost is its very nice e-ink display.  Aside from setting the Phosphor apart from other digital watches with their grey and black LCD displays, the e-ink allows for custom fonts and time-telling arrangements, significantly expanding the Phosphors versatility.  Specifically, you can change the digital readout of the Phosphor to either show a circular 12-hour display with numerical minutes at the bottom, or a simple large numerical digital read out.  You can also alternate between white text on black background and black text on white.

The Phosphor also offers a more modern, clean take on the digital watch, with a simple rectangular design and monochrome color way with black strap to match the black-ion case.  Add on to this the alarm function and (some) water resistance, and you have a pretty nice package, at the typical price point of a bit under $200.  Today however, at just under $100, the Phosphor is an absolute steal.  If your interested in picking one up, head over to amazon.com while this price is still available.