Pairs Well With: Issey Miyake To

Pairs Well With | Series | Style | 12.10.2012

Minimal and structural are the two first words that pop into my mind when I see the Issey Miyake To watch. It’s so simple that it’s daring and so subtle that it’s bold. Designed by Tokujin Yoshioka and built by Seiko for the venerable Issey Miyake brand, the To is just not like any other watch out there. Appearing as though it were crafted from a single piece of metal, the success of the To’s design is in the near perfect balance of form and line that comprise the functional elements of the watch. The dial is simply two disk-hands, one hour and one minute, and the bezel is a matching piece of flat metal with thin etched lines that act as the only index on the watch. The quartz models range in price from $380 – 550.

With simplicity in mind, this PWW focuses on an outfit that celebrates the qualities of the To that make it unique. Line and structure are key aspects of each item chosen and an overall low-key attitude pervades.

pairing by Dexter Austria
words by Zach Weiss

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