Orient M-Force Beast Giveaway! CLOSED

Giveaway | 03.21.2013

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Yesterday, we ran an in-depth review of the Orient M-Force Beast, a large and robust diver with a hackable movement that features a power reserve and more, that was built to withstand some serious abuse. Today, we’re giving it away. See below for details on how to enter to win this cool Japanese made automatic.

As always, thanks goes to our friends at Orient Watch USA for providing the giveaway watch.

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To be in the running for the M-Force Beast, all you have to do is;

Comment on this post on wornandwound.com (not the original review or on any social media or other website where this post may appear) before the giveaway is over on March 28th, 2013 at 11:59pm (EST). You must enter a valid email address in the comment form. No need to mention anything specific in your comment, but make sure you write something (preferably something nice!). After March 28, a winner will be chosen at random and contacted by us.

In addition, the following rules apply. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

  • http://URL Olivier

    I would not give it away myself, but surely would like this amazing watch in my collection :)

  • http://URL Jeff

    One can never have too many watches.

  • http://URL Michl

    I would like to be a “beastmaster” too… 😉

  • http://URL korben

    Gentlemen. Let the games begin.

  • http://URL Rudo

    Great watch, would love to own one

  • http://URL ricsi

    It would be a great pair on my right hand for my 2011 M-Force. :-)

  • http://URL Yap Pak Kin

    A Win For W&W!

  • http://URL Luis

    Come home nice watch!

  • harti

    Would be a nice watch for my collection.

    Good luck…

  • http://URL Dave

    Great looking watch.

  • http://URL Sean

    no doubt why it’s called a beast! just look at it!

  • http://URL Andrew

    I hope I win!

  • http://URL Mark

    Bring on the Beast!

  • http://www.TheFreshandFly.com Sharaf Vakhidov

    I was reading the review last night and i thought it was great, i was looking at this watch on the orientwatchusa website but the price is not in my range. So it would be nice to win this watch.


  • http://URL Steven Bremer

    I would love to add this to my collection.

  • http://URL chris

    What an awesome watch. Will be more than happy to pay additional shipping and taxes when chosen.

  • http://URL Evan

    This looks like a very nice watch.

  • http://URL Gerald Garcia

    I used to own two Orients: a Mako and a Vintage, but eventually sold them. I still miss them sometimes. Maybe this is my opportunity to own another Orient!

  • http://twitter.com/alexlobov Alexander Lobov

    Yay giveaways! Orient yay!

  • http://URL Travis

    oooo0ooo pick me! :)

  • http://URL David

    I think watches are great and I would greatly appreciate a fine addition such as this to my meager collection.

  • http://URL Reyn


  • http://pretenseofknowledge.com Speedmaster

    Wow, I need a new watch. And would LOVE to win this, thanks for the chance!

  • http://URL Derrek

    Beast me!

  • http://URL Airquotes

    I’m in it to win it!

  • http://URL Ryan

    Nice watch. I am still impressed with the performance of my orient.

  • http://URL Wes

    Beautiful looking watch, I’d love to see it on my wrist.

    BTW Keep up the great reviews!

  • http://URL Michael D.

    Great review, thanks!

  • http://URL Tyler

    Being a lefty, it’s not often when I see watches with a crown on the left. This would be a great watch to have.

  • http://URL Jordan

    I know I have no chance at the Powerball……so maybe a watch?

  • http://URL Gerard

    I want this watch!!!

  • http://URL Mikesh Patel

    I would love to add another orient to my collection!

  • http://URL Zundfolge

    Love the Beast!

  • http://URL Brett

    This is a really nice watch

  • http://www.mathieuj.me Mathieu J. Champagne

    Count me in!

  • http://URL Eddie

    Count me in for the Beast!

  • http://URL Joe

    That is one sick watch.

  • http://URL tang l.t. (singapore)

    i hav a Orient ‘datejust’, two Orient ‘submariner’, one Orient GMT, one Orient M-Force 2011… should add dis to my collection…

  • http://URL alan

    Have yet to won a giveaway… this would be a nice addition

  • http://URL daniel

    Hefty. Definitely a beast.

  • http://www.uncharted-territories.fr Richard D-C

    Urlacher is leaving Chicago. A new watch would be a fine compensation :)

    • http://URL Lapo Salucci

      Nice beast of a watch!

  • http://URL Ray

    That’s a beauty. Power reserve, crown at 9, black, red and SS. What else could I ask for.

  • http://URL Joe

    Great website and great watch.. Always look forward to reading articles..

  • http://URL Mikolaj

    I hope I’ll win 😉 Good luck to everyone!

  • http://URL Andy

    hope i win

  • http://URL Releduard

    Orient M-Force Beast Giveaway!

  • http://URL Gino C.

    Nice. Great reviews. Keep em coming!

    • http://URL Markus S

      I would love to try this one as my first Orient watch!

  • http://URL Don T

    Beast me, please!

  • http://URL Jim M.

    This would make for a great first diver in my collection!

  • http://URL Brian

    Just about jumped out of my seat when i saw the facebook post about the giveaway. another great review W&W, keep up the good the work!

  • http://URL Antonio

    I think the red details in this one are absolutely perfect.

  • http://URL Gary Sherman

    This would look great on my wrist!

  • http://URL James W

    a monster of a watch!

  • http://URL Jonathan L

    good looking watch, hope I can win it!

  • http://URL daryl

    A nice watch for me to wear every day.

  • http://URL Fabian

    Nice watch! I really like this website.

  • http://URL German Lopez

    This watch looks awesome. I think divers are my favorite style. Good luck everyone.

  • http://URL Auggie

    Looks like a great watch.

  • http://URL Jose M.

    I want that Beast! thanks again for the opportunity guys.

  • http://URL Momo Habedashery

    I would reeeeeeally like to win this! Thanks!

  • http://URL Greg

    I’ve been wanting to try out an orient for a while now. I was looking at a yellow mako last year, but a red CWL FLE tempered that need. This would be nice.

  • http://URL Kenneth Wong

    I own the Orient Disk and Orient because of the reviews on this site, the M-Force Beast would make it a perfect trifecta!

    • http://URL Kenneth Wong

      Orient Disk and Bambino*

  • http://URL Jared L.

    Looks great, thanks for the chance

  • http://www.briangreen.net Brian Green

    That is one beast I would love to tame – and wear! Thanks for giving us all the opportunity.

  • http://URL Scott

    I expect I would need both arms to lift it.

  • http://URL Ayreonaut

    If I won this watch, I would give it to my son.

    January 24?

  • http://www.watchitallabout.com Josh Flagg

    That is one hell of a beefcake watch! Would love to have it!

  • http://URL Dan S

    Well I don’t have a diver watch yet…

  • http://www.edjelley.com Ed Jelley

    Looks great, I would love to check it out.

  • http://URL Rob

    I would love a watch of this quality to convert me from my holy commitment to swiss movements.

  • http://about.me/mikepetrucci Mike P

    You can count me in! That’s one great looking watch and it sounds like it will last a lifetime! Thanks to worn&wound and Orient Watch USA for running this contest! Someone is going to have an awesome day when they hear their name called!

  • http://URL Gavin

    An improvement over the previous model. Looking forward to seeing it in person!

  • http://URL Jeff

    I need a new dive watch. This one would be great!

  • http://URL Bruno

    This would be a great addition to my very small collection of watches!

  • http://URL Andrew Hall

    This watch will look awesome on my wrist!

  • http://URL Ian Joyce

    That is one stout watch. In a good way.

  • http://www.drivingsupercars.com Anthony

    Reminds me of some old Seiko diving watches.

  • http://URL Stephen

    I’ll take two!

  • http://URL Brock

    Thank you for hosting an awesome giveaway! Would love to have a watch like that.

  • http://URL PapaWoodie

    I like it… Would wear it often and well !

    Be a real nice piece for every kayak adventure.

  • http://URL Chris

    Thanks for the opportunity win a very cool looking watch!

  • http://URL Carl B

    Great review. It would be great for anyone’s collection.

  • http://URL Joshua Munchow

    I love the variety of Orient that appears here and the great giveaways. It’s great to see a good quality affordable brand giving back all the time. Thank you W&W and Orient!

  • http://URL Dave

    I would love to add an Orient to my watch collection!

  • http://URL Howard L

    I absolutely love this beast!

  • http://URL Steve T

    That’s a nice looking watch.

  • http://URL Peter Tran

    I would love to win this so it could be my first Orient watch!

  • http://URL ross taylor

    Beast mode!

  • http://URL Mark

    It looks like a good value!

  • http://URL Mitch

    I guess I’ll take it!

  • http://URL toni

    Chunky is as chunky does:)

  • http://URL Mike

    Just recently came to find Worn & Wound, love it.

  • http://URL James

    This is great! I was just about to get a new diver! Guess I’ll wait untill this giveaway is over before making that purchase.

  • http://URL Paul Bustamante

    If i win I will change the strap to the W&W NYC Nato strap!

  • http://URL Jeremy Paxton

    Beast Mode.

  • http://URL Ginanjar Mardhikatama

    The best of the beast orient watch :)

  • http://URL Paul Biagan

    I’m up to the challenge — I shall tame that beast on my wrist!

  • http://URL Ron Davis

    That’s a beauty of a watch. Would look nice on my wrist.

  • http://URL James Keller

    Unleash that Beast! (to me, please)

  • http://URL Torben

    That Beast would look nice on my wrist :)

  • http://URL Chris

    Excellent watch. Too nice to give away

  • http://URL Chance


  • http://URL JasonF

    Beautiful Watch, would love to provide a nice home for it!

  • http://URL Alain

    Don’t know if it’s an ankle- or wrist-watch, but I’d like to wear it !

  • http://URL bigjoet

    yes please

  • http://URL Andrew

    I would love to have one of these…I need a dive watch.

  • http://URL Jeffrey

    Good looking watch.

  • http://URL Robert Prusak

    Nice offering from the folks at Orient. I’d love to be lucky enough to win!

  • http://URL Rob

    Best giveaway yet. Pick me. Pick me. Please!

  • http://URL Gidsu

    Please be me..

  • http://URL Flatwave

    I love the look of this watch!

  • http://URL Raynor Mendoza

    I have been looking for a decent diver, please pick me!

  • http://URL jsn41

    Just got a Ray. Would love an M-Force.

  • http://URL Michael

    Here’s to luck!

  • http://URL P

    What a blog what a watch!

  • http://URL George

    Pick me!

  • http://URL Nick

    Awesome reviews and even cooler giveaways!

  • http://URL Errol


  • http://URL Ray

    Great work on the reviews!

  • http://URL Nekrotuho

    That would look nice on my wrist!

  • http://URL Dan

    This Beast would make a great addition to my Mako!

  • http://URL GJ

    What a beauty! Wan’t that beast…

  • http://URL Itsa328

    I could definitely use a new daily!

  • http://URL GJ

    What a beauty! WanT that beast… (sorry! Me Dutch :-)

  • http://URL Scott

    Love this one!

  • http://URL Cogi

    Love this dive watch!!!

  • http://URL Eddie

    Would be a nice first automatic!

  • http://URL Torben

    I would make this my go to golf watch – awesome!

  • http://URL Grinch

    Beautiful looking watch, would love to win it!
    Great reviews guys, keep them coming!

  • http://URL Kurt

    Great looking watch and again, great review.

  • http://www.nadimelgarhy.com Nadim Elgarhy

    I wouldn’t say no to add this to my humble collection!

  • http://www.watchfreeks.com Don

    Great giveaway

  • http://URL Henrik Bono

    Nice watch:)

  • http://www.willdarosa.com Will

    I love the leftside crown and power reserve! This would be so sick to have!

  • http://URL Alex

    I’d love one

  • http://URL Sean

    Love my Orient Ray and Symphony. Would love to add the Beast to my collection.

  • http://URL Aaron

    Very cool

  • http://URL Sjducks

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the kindness

  • http://URL Vince

    Love this company! That watch looks awesome!

  • http://URL Ferid

    Orient is an excellent value for the money.

  • http://URL Ramon

    My dad always told me Orients is the way to go if you want to pass down from generation to generation.

  • http://URL David Swayze

    Great review. I wish more watch companies used a movement that could be hand wound and hacked. Good job Orient.

  • http://URL Jose Alvarado

    I don’t own a Diver watch,so if i win i will wear it proudly!!
    Thanks for the chance to win!!!..

    • http://URL Ryan

      I’m a big Orient fan, the Ray is my everyday watch

  • http://URL Randy Torres

    Orient’s are great watches and greater value. I own several of them. Would love to add this one to my collection!

  • http://URL Diego Ledezma

    Another excellent watch from Orient! I hope I win it!

  • http://URL Stan

    Awesome watch!

  • http://URL Keith1911

    Cool watch! Thanks for the giveaway.

  • http://URL Ethan

    Sweet watch!

  • http://finchcomic.blogspot.com Paul Hobbs

    I bought an Orient watch last year and LOVE it!!! I would love this beautiful watch! PLEASE LET ME WIN IT!!!!!

  • http://URL Brad

    I have a few Orient watches and would love to add this one to my collection. Great company!

  • http://URL James

    Worn and Wound does it again. I check this site about everyday to see what’s up in the watch game and w&w always has the most unique and distinctive watches. I’m a student and haven’t been able to really begin my collection due to school so this would be a great start. This is an amazing watch that I would love to win!

  • http://olevshin.ru Oleg

    Orient. Nice Orient.

    It looks worthy of James Bond.

  • http://URL John

    Nice watch. Good review. Never owned an Orient time piece. Maybe this is my chance. Good luck to all!

  • http://URL Sheldon

    Nice watch, would love one :-)

  • http://URL Sameer

    I want one!

  • http://URL Sheldon

    Beautiful watch

  • http://URL Matt T

    What a watch!

  • http://URL Alejandro

    I have an Orient Ray (Blue) and I love it! I would love to see how their more more expensive models stack up!

  • http://URL Nadi Tawakkol

    Loving the range of watches you guys are presenting. Keep up the great work. :)

  • http://URL Kurtuba

    It’s an easter giveaway!. Great review, and a fantastic dive watch. Thanks to worn&wound and to Orient USA!

  • http://URL Maria O

    Lovely watch!

  • http://URL Johann

    i hope the worn & wound guys pick me at random :)

  • http://URL Bryce

    I’ve long wanted a tough dive watch, but could never justify the expense. This would solve that problem perfectly.

  • http://URL eric s

    This is hot !!! Would love to add to my collection of ORIENTS I own already…

    • http://URL Gmoney

      I like how passive commentators (including myself) are crawling out of the woodwork for the contest. :)

  • http://URL Mike

    Would love to make this my first Orient!

  • http://URL Matt N.

    Would look great along with my Mako!

  • http://URL Dan

    It’s ironic, I was just researching the Beast the other day and was about to pull the trigger. I would love to have this one instead! Thank you.

  • http://URL ted hood

    As a farmer I could use a rugged watch.

  • http://URL Justin Robinson

    Loved the review, keep it up

  • http://URL Mark D.

    Another contest for a fine watch that I probably won’t win…but it doesn’t hurt to keep trying! Keep it up W&W!

  • http://URL Matt R

    Beautiful watch. bought my first orient a few months ago, ray with a blue face, and love it. so happy i decided to go with orient rather than a more ‘expensive’ brand. can’t wait to get another

  • http://URL Niner

    Beastly..I always gift myself a watch on my birthdays..hopefully this time round i’ll be gifted with this watch to add to the other orient i own..

    • http://URL BillD

      I like the idea of the power reserve indicator… i’ll have to think about that for my next watch.

  • http://URL jobin

    Frickin sweet watch. Been looking for a serious tool watch that can take some abuse. This would be perfect.

  • http://URL 1stGenRex

    I’d love to add this to my collection! I’m sure everyone would too. Good luck, everyone!

  • http://URL Jeffrey

    Amazing Watch

  • http://URL Jeroen

    Hello, what a great watch. Here in Holland the brand is not so know as in other country´s. So let me help Orient with this. I will wear it 5 days a week…

    Regards Jeroen

  • http://URL James

    Another one? Here’s hoping!

  • http://URL Steve P

    Great review and great contest! Would love to win it!

  • http://URL Paul

    Gorgeous watch! Would love to own one.

  • http://URL Casey

    beautiful diver, I want it!

  • http://URL Steven E

    Orient Watches have a great price-to-value ratio. And this watch is no exception!

  • http://URL Syd

    W&W has the best giveaways! And thanks for making them easy to enter!

  • http://URL Linh

    lets do this

  • http://URL Khoi

    Good looking watch. PS Pick me!

  • http://URL Stefan Alex

    I like Orient watches but this is a sick one! Massive, serious, good looking watch! I love it!

  • http://URL Mike

    Orient makes a nice watch. Good review as well. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • http://URL Walt

    Thanks for the chance at the watch, I have been looking at one of these for a while, nice watch.

  • http://gregyeutter.com Greg

    Another excellent giveaway guys. Thanks for the opportunity to own a beautiful yet beastly watch that will definitely last for multiple generations.

  • http://URL Tom Davey

    just bought a black mako,another one in my growing collection would be very nice.

  • http://URL Tony

    That would look great on my wrist with one of your Nato straps

  • http://www.4colorrebellion.com Dave

    I live near an ocean so this is probably a need not a want right?

  • http://URL Jeremy

    Thanks for all the great reviews and giveaways!
    This blog is one of my favorites to read every morning to start my day.

  • http://URL Spencer

    Beautiful watch!

  • http://URL Dennis C

    I don’t know why I like the red stripe on the crown so much!

  • http://www.fingerlingthenovel.com Michael W.

    Very cool!

  • http://URL Tom Vreeken

    I heard a lot good things about Oriënt on our watchforum. Good stuff!

  • http://URL Nathaniel

    I really like the addition of the power reserve to a dive watch.

  • http://URL Romeu Figueira

    Massive! Always looking for news from the far east!

  • http://URL John

    Great blog! Thanks!

  • Jared Van Zweeden

    Long time W&W reader, first time comment maker. I think the Orient M-Force Beast is a nice take on a classic watch style and I would be more than happy to add it to my collection as well as to wear it daily. Thanks for offering the giveaway and for having such an awesome watch site.


  • http://URL Matt S

    Love the site and love the watch! Keep up the good work.

  • http://URL Ian

    As always great watch and great review. I would love this one for my collection.

  • http://URL pondlife

    nice watch send it across the pond

  • http://URL Brian

    Awesome watch. Wish I had an Orient in my collection.

  • http://URL Sunny

    Great watch, great site!!

  • http://URL Chris

    Nice watch! Hoping to win.

  • http://URL BBD

    Would be a nice addition to my orient collection!

  • http://URL Corey Fong

    Saweet Giveaway. I’m in

  • http://URL Manny

    Thanks for the chance to own this watch! I really liked the review.

  • http://URL John

    awesome stuff from orient

  • http://URL Joe Reid

    I didn’t even know Orient made a serious diver! Looks like its designed to go head-to-head with the Seiko Prospex SBDC001, the “Sumo”. Pics: http://tinyurl.com/cneb7me

    I prefer the dial, second hand, and power reserve indicator on the Orient. Sapphire crystal is a big plus that’s been driving me nuts about Seiko divers for awhile now.

    I prefer the crown placement, bezel, and slightly longer (50hr) power reserve on the Seiko. And Seiko divers have a rep for very strong lume as well, so I think we can safely give them the edge in the lume department until we see a heads up comparo (hint, hint, wornandwound!)

    Neither offers the sapphire bezel I’ve been looking for on a ~$500 diver, which leaves me gazing lustily at some of the ETA-based watches out there. I’m also really skeptical about the functionality of the Orient bezel when operated through the gloves of a wet suit. I know they tried to do something different there. I’m just not sure its a “win”, either aesthetically or functionally.

    But hey! Send me the freebie and I’ll let you know. :-)

  • http://URL Melanie

    anyone else notice all the comments are posted at 3 mins past the hour?

    anyways, would love that watch.

  • http://URL Terpxxx

    Great looking diver. As a former Green Beret combat diver I would be proud to wear it.

  • http://URL Derik Sinclair

    Nice watch. I would love to have one.


    Sturdy, good looking, means business.

  • http://URL jrmdg

    Nice one!

  • http://URL WL

    Interesting looking watch

  • http://URL LGG

    Gimme!! errr…please!

  • http://URL Joel

    Fantastic looking watch. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  • http://watchergeorge.blogspot.com George

    Sharp review, and thanks for the giveaway! I also have this watch in blue and it is my current favorite. Love it on a Hirsch Terra strap, but the bracelet is also very well made and versatile.

  • http://URL Rob

    I love the reviews and the history learned on this blog… The giveaways are pretty cool too!

    I haven’t been able to add a diver to my small collection yet, here’s hoping!

  • http://URL Andy Black

    I’m a dive watch fanatic and would love to add this to my collection. I have an Orient Bambino and the quality of that watch is great. So, I can only imagine how much better this watch must be if a bargain price piece like the Bambino is so good.


  • http://URL Christian

    woo! here’s to hoping I win!

  • http://URL mikesr


  • http://URL Peter

    Wow! I’d sure love to add that one to my collection ;o) Never too many watches…

  • http://URL Rodrigo

    Orient makes the best value and most reliable automatic mechanisms in the market. I have myself an orange M-Force, but this Beast M-Force is really wonderful ! I must have it ! Congrats Orient !

  • http://URL AR

    Hit me!

  • http://URL Michael

    I love this watch. thanks ww

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    Nice watch! Thanks for the review.

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    this thing is pretty ginormous

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    Beastly. Love this site.

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    I would love to own this watch!

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    This would be an excellent first diver’s watch for my collection!

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    Nice watch to add my collection!

  • http://www.henrychou.com.au Henry Chou

    No Japanese mechanical watch collection is complete without an Orient.

    I hope this one will complete mine!

  • http://URL Ross K

    I have always like Orient; they make some superb dress and sport watches!

  • http://URL Joe

    Thanks for the review, and also for this giveaway!

  • http://URL Andrew

    Thanks for the giveaway offer, anyone would be lucky to get this piece. I would love to win this Beast, as my 2011 M-force needs a big brother!

  • http://URL Bob

    Very nice looking watch. Good looks giving one away.

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    Great looking watch!

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    Great job you guys are doing with W&W. keep it up!


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    it would be really cool if I get it cause I’m needing a dive watch to calculate my dive time so… it’d be awesome if you choose me guys!!

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    def need an automatic watch

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    Gorgeous watch. I hope to see it on my wrist!

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    I love your site and reviews. Keep it up!

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    Great review for a great Orient.

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    Love the Orient M Force line of watches! That Beast would look great on my 8 1/2 inch wrist!

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    I recently bought my brother the Subaru BRZ GT-300 watch and it was amazing. So I would love to own a orient watch for myself.

  • http://URL Ed

    Sweet watch!

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    Unleash the Beast!

  • http://URL Joshua

    One of these days I’m bound to win a givaway. Would be sweet for it to be this one!

    • http://URL HunterPete

      Here we go again, last time I wrote 3rd time lucky, now 4th time lucky. W&W is now my favorite watch website and always have great reviews.

  • http://URL Mitch

    Orient makes some very affordable watches with in-house movements. This Beast would look awesome in my watch box right next to my Bambino!!

  • http://URL brian

    Love the website. Why do my comments keep getting deleted though?

  • http://URL CharmCity

    as likely as any other..

  • http://URL Dave

    Beast mode

  • http://URL Daniel So

    I don’t deserve this watch! But i would love to own it!! Especially after I gave away my Mako as a gift to my friend for graduating!

  • http://URL Lucky Guy

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    Killer watch!

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    Love the watch & great giveaway! My boyfriend would love this :)

  • http://URL Alex C

    Check out your blog everyday. This beast would be just what I need to finally grow some chest hair!

  • http://URL mikeymusic

    When I win this, I’ll take up diving. Well maybe not, but what a good looking watch and I still want that power reserve in my collection.

  • http://URL ac

    Dive watch!

  • http://URL Dennis

    I certainly wouldn’t mind winning this watch. I have neither an Orient nor a diver in my collection, so it would definitely be new and different.

  • http://URL Rob Gordon

    My watch sucks, this one doesn’t.

  • http://URL Mubin Shah

    Awesome watch! Would love to own one!!

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    Here’s to hoping (and hope springs eternal, apparently!)

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