Muhle Glashutte New Releases for Baselworld 2013

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Muhle Glashutte is a brand known for offering a wide range of timepieces across the dress, sport and military categories, all of which display outstanding build quality and thoughtful design at affordable prices. At Baselworld 2013, Muhle has revealed new pieces in each of these genres, including several developed through collaborations designed to create the most practical and refined watches possible. We spent some time with Muhle Glashutte at their Baselworld booth to get hands on with all of their new offerings.

Featuring a Sellita SW 200-1 Swiss automatic movement with special woodpecker neck regulator, the dial design of the M29 Classic is inspired by instruments originally manufactured in 1869 by Robert Muhle and used by Glashutte watch manufacturers. The placement of the hour and minute indicators, shape of the hour, minute and second hands and use of red throughout the dial all revive the spirit of a precise measurement gauge.  We find the red framing of the date window to be a clever and well-implemented detail.

Measuring 42.4 mm in diameter with no external bezel, the M29 wears wide on your wrist and remains very legible. However, at 11.3 mm tall, it remains quite wearable. The case is constructed of stainless steel with both brushed and polished finishing throughout. The M29 is a very cool new offering from Muhle, distinguishing itself from the rest of their line. The price of the M29 is approximately $1,500 – $1,700 (1,200 € – 1,300 €) with your choice of leather strap or metal bracelet.

Developed in coordination with research divers at the University of Rostok, the Muhle Glashutte Rasmus 2000 is design to thrive in a professional setting, but maintains bold and rugged good looks that we’re sure many dive enthusiasts are going to love. Using the same case found with the very cool Marinus watches, the Rasmus is a touch less stealthy, leaning toward the sporty side. Like the M29, the Rasmus utilizes the Sellita SW 200-1 automatic movement with woodpecker neck regulator, however features a much more robust 44mm x 17.5 mm tall case.  It also boasts 2000 meter water resistance. The M29 is priced at approximately $3,100 – $3,250 (2,400 € – 2,500 €) with either a rubber strap or metal bracelet.

The Seebataillon GMT is a second piece released by Muhle Glashutte at Baselworld 2013 developed in collaboration, this time with the newly formed Seebataillon (Marine Battalion), an elite unit of the German Navy. It’s worth noting that this piece stands out not only from Muhle’s other offerings, but as one of our favorite pieces released at Baselworld this year.  With beautiful blue bezel and dial of a matching hue, interesting yellow GMT accents and rugged case design, the Seebataillon is another great dover from Muhle that we’re sure dive fans are going to love. The Seebataillon is priced at approximately $3,100 (2,400 €).

While not a completely new design per se, the Teutonia II Tag/Datum is an update to one of Muhle’s very nice dress options, with the addition of a day date function displayed at the top and bottom of the watch dial. The Teutonia features a Sellita SW 240-1 with the woodpecker regulator mentioned above, very elegant but unique case design and simply decorated dial. The slightly ornate curved lugs of the Teutonia help add some character to an otherwise simple, albeit attractive case. We like the Teutonia a lot for what it is, a beautiful dress watch, but also for its place in the Muhle lineup, clearly displaying the brand’s versatility. The cost of the Teutonia II Tag/Datum ranges from approximately $2,300 – $2,460 (1,790 € – 1,890 €).

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by Blake Malin

  • Toni

    The minute indicators on the M29 Classic chapter ring give the “gauge” such a pleasing and interesting depth!

    I can’t recall any other watch that has this combination of delicacy and purposefulness. I could not find a depth rating for this watch, but judging by the crown protectors, I assume it is quite robust.

  • http://URL Andrew Harter

    Hi Blake. Nice review. Which dial color of the M29 do you prefer, the black or off-white?