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So you’ve amassed a small collection of watches, and your horological fascination is well on its way to becoming a full-blown obsession. You’ve even picked up a few extra straps, a spring bar tool and a safe place to stash your growing collection, all of which hopefully came from the worn&wound shop (shameless plug). But now you want to take your kit to the next level. What’s that? And you want to do it on a budget? We’ve got you covered. Here is a full collection of watch accessories that any serious watch nerd should have handy, and that combined will cost you less than $100.

Versa Single Watch Winder – 39.95

Once you own multiple automatic mechanical watches you immediately become confronted by the daily nuisance of setting the time on those watches that have gone unworn long enough to stop running. This is a small inconvenience for the most part, but when the dead watch has a day/date function or lacks quick date adjust, things become a whole lot more annoying very quickly.

You can eliminate this issue easily and cheaply by picking up a watch winder, giving your automatic watches a more practical storage place on their off-days. One great winder choice for those on a budget is this Versa single watch model. It features an attractive orbital shape, large display window, compact size and design that doesn’t take away from the aesthetic of the watch inside. Its functions include 3 direction settings (clockwise, counter-clockwise and bi-directional) and multiple turns-per-day settings. At just $39.95, assuming the unit lasts you more than a couple years, you’ve got yourself a pretty good deal.

Spare Spring Bars – $24.95

Anyone who changes the straps on the their watches regularly knows the disappointment of a broken spring bar, or the frustration of launching one halfway across your apartment to the far reaches of who knows where. Without a sizable stash of backup spring bars, you’re out of luck and your watch is rendered useless until you find a replacement. So, why not pick up this assortment of 360 spring bar replacements by Paylak, ranging in size from 10mm to 22mm, giving you ample supply for many strap-changing mishaps to come. We like that these bars feature double shoulders, giving you plenty to grip with your spring bar tool, and come in a no frills box that should be easily stashed just about anywhere.

Pin and Link Remover – $13.95

Resizing your metal bracelet is easy, but for bracelets that don’t offer screw pins for quick resizing, you’ll need to pick up a pin and link remover to get the job done. For those unfamiliar, a pin and link remover is a simply designed device that allows you to safely position your metal bracelet on a flat surface and slowly turn a pusher into the bracelet link, removing the pin. This Paylak model is available for $13.95, and features a spring loaded resting surface that allows for bracelets of various thicknesses to align correctly with the pin pusher. Save the $5 to $10 it costs to get your bracelet re-sized at a jeweler, and invest in a simple tool that will pay for itself after just a couple of uses.

Polywatch – $9.00

If you’ve been collecting watches for a little while, chances are that you’ve picked up either a vintage watch or a vintage inspired watch…or two. If so, those watches are more than likely going to have acrylic crystals. While domed acrylic crystals create an awesome bubble effect and give any watch a distinct classic look, they’re also prone to scratching. Whether you bump them and give them a noticeable ding, or just allow them to develop a light fog of scuffs over time, you’re going to need something to bring your acrylic crystal back to life, and Polywatch is exactly the tool for the job.

We’ve mentioned Polywatch a few times before on worn&wound, and for good reason. It’s super cheap (just $9.00) and does its job extremely well. Just apply a bit of the polishing paste to the scratched crystal in question and buff for a few minutes. Before you know it, your scratches are gone and your watch crystal looks good as new. Enough said.

LED Black Light Flash Light – $6.99

You just got a killer new dive watch, or maybe a classic pilot with C3 luminova throughout the dial. You want to check out the lume in action, and so you shove the watch two inches from a hot light bulb for a few minutes and rush to shut off the light switch in time to check out the glow. Not necessary! Just get yourself a small LED black light and you can now fully charge the lume on your watch in just seconds. Black lights charge lume in a fraction of the time of other lights, and with this small LED flashlight from Ledwholesalers you can bring the power of black lights wherever you go. This is probably the nerdiest of the accessories on this list, but we know the true watch nerds can appreciate the excitement of instant lume.

By Blake Malin

  • http://URL Micah

    Awesome!! Great tips for someone who is starting a small collection, like me!! thanks w&w!!

  • http://URL Jose M.

    is this section new? this is the first time I read it and it’s great! this provides a lot of room for all us to share knowledge and to participate more… so many times I’ve been afraid about buying certain tool because it’s low price, it’s country of origin, poor product picture-info, etc… and after taking the risk and buying the tool I have realized during the actual practice that the tool works really good and ended up being a good choice…. now we can discuss about this, nice! keep this topic coming!

  • http://URL Tom

    Don’t forget to include a strap changing tool as well, especially if you’re a serial changer like myself.

    • http://URL Micah

      That’s a great idea! I bought a tool recently and found it to be too big to change the bracelet I had. After many attempts, a push pin worked wonders. Hahah!
      But it would be great to find one that would actually fit tho…I like changing straps.

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