Stowa’s New 24 H and GMT Models

Articles | 07.08.2013

Somewhat under the radar, German watch manufacturer Stowa recently released two new models, the 24 H Racing Countdown and GMT Worldtime. Both models are based on the 2013 Flieger TO1 Testaf, sharing a 46mm titanium case and similar aggressive dial design, while serving as slightly more sporty options, with added complication and more vibrant aesthetic.

24_H_Racing_Countdown_rot_S Originally revealed at the 2013 Nürburgring 24-hour race on the weekend of May 18th, the 24 H Racing Countdown watch should come as no surprise for any diehard Jörg Schauer fans, who may know that Schauer’s personal watch brand actually sponsors German racing driver Marc Basseng. In fact, it appears that the 24 H started potentially as only a one-off passion project for Mr. Schauer. In a watchuseek post published on May 11th, Mr. Schauer said that he was bringing a prototype of the 24 H to the Nürburgring race for anyone interested to check it out, and suggested he would only produce the watch in “small quantities if there is interest”. There must have been considerable interest from the event, as the 24 H Racing Countdown is currently available online from Stowa, with a price of approximately 1,480 euros ($1,900 USD) without VAT.

As mentioned, the 24 H Racing Countdown uses the same titanium case as the Flieger TO1 Testaf model, measuring 46mm in diameter,15.5mm tall and 54.5mm lug-to-lug, with a 24mm lug with. The bezel of the 24 H is also identical to that of the Testaf, with the exception of the insert. Rather than displaying minute/second indicators, the bezel of the 24 H shows a 24-hour scale, displayed in descending order. This allows the wearer, presumably a car driver or race fan, to countdown the hours of a 24-hour race. By setting the 24th hour marker, which in the case of the 24 H is a checkered flag, to align with the watches GMT hand at the beginning of a race, you are able to easily keep track of the remaining hours of the race without doing any math.


As you would imagine, the 24 H Racing Countdown is powered by an ETA A07.171 Valgranges movement with GMT function, with the 24-hour GMT hand serving as the race countdown indicator. Of course you can use the GMT hand to tell time in another time zone when not measuring a race, but with no traditional 24-hour scale, reading the second time may prove a but cumbersome. On the dial of the 24 H you will find the contemporary Stowa logo at 12 o’clock, as well as the words 24 H Racing Countdown. Additionally, the 24 H comes in two color ways, with either bright green or red accents on the GMT hand, second hand, bezel and dial details.

1371221657-30819Luckily, for anyone who is a fan of the 24 H design but not the racing specific bezel, Stowa has also released a pure GMT model. The GMT Worldtime is identical to the 24 H with the exception of the dial text and, of course, the bezel layout. With the GMT you will find a traditional GMT insert with the 24-hour scale printed in ascending order. The GMT Worldtime is priced at approximately 1,420 euros ($1,820 USD).

Given that these two new models were released relatively quietly, it seems as though they will be made in small quantities and will likely require long wait times, which is typical for the Stowa brand. Regardless, it is interesting to see Stowa continue the use of their new case design first seen in the Testaf model, and we’re sure that these large, sportier watches will appeal strongly to a certain audience. Each of the new models are available for purchase today, with an estimated delivery of October or November. Let us know what you think of these new Stowa models in the comments below.

by Blake Malin

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  • http://URL Traviss

    Wish I had the coin for that watch. Love GMT’s!

  • http://URL RED

    Agree with David,
    call me when it’s 40mm and lug-to-lug is <= 48mm

  • http://URL James

    Too big! Looks nice though

  • http://URL Hunter

    Perfect size for a sports watch and light on the wrist by using Ti. Perfect watch. Will probably be my one and only Stowa purchase.

  • deadlock

    I’d buy it immediately but: 1) For such simple design (which I like) it’s way too big. It would be readable even at 40mm, 2) Hard to justify the price, IMHO. For less money one can have Damasko with rotating 12-hour bezel and pretty much the same styling.

  • 200 Fathoms

    TOO BIG.

  • http://URL David

    If they created these watches in 40mm size, there would be a lot of purchasers. As it is, only those who like oversize watches will buy these.

  • http://URL Zol

    yea whats up with unwearable huge watches