Time to get #Jacques

Articles | Style | 07.11.2013

Hey readers of worn&wound, we’ve got an exciting announcement for you! We’ve started collaborating with an awesome new men’s lifestyle site called World of #Jacques, founded by renowned style specialist Elliot Aronow. In his own words:

aronowpress7_13“#jacques, not a person but a way of life. #jacques is a men’s lifestyle movement based on taking control of your relationship to style and thus the world around you. Or whatever, a bunch of punk rock gentleman sharing our love for natural shoulder suits, wild style Polo and wearing traditional clothing in a subversive way. You can be #jacques wether you are broke or bailing, #jacques is in the details, the sensibilities. If you are curious to learn more you can read up on The Ten #jacques Commandments.

We make products under the #jacques by Aronow label and we sell them via our shop.

We also built a content spaceship to be able to go a bit deeper than just casual consumerism. #jacques doesn’t want to just sell you stuff, he wants to improve your life. It’s a universe of what we love and what we want to tell you about and we could not be more excited to have worn&wound manning the ship as our timepiece experts/watch columnists.”


Here are a couple choice articles to get you started:


Here’s a little primer on how to each tie/shirt/jack semi-perfection (perfection is totally uncool) in 3 easy steps. 10% effort = 1000x more fly. Read up and Rule your world. You got this!..continue reading
#jacques never wants to look “dressed up” when he is going on a date. But he always needs to look fly. Like the date itself, it’s all about showing some thoughtfulness and making your 6s come off like 9s…continue reading
….and of course:
If you are out of college, you probably need a watch—one that you didn’t get as a graduation present or find on the floor after a concert. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and it doesn’t have to do anything complicated. It just has to work. And work for you…continue reading
  • http://URL Trad G

    I afraid I’m too “totally uncool” to be “subserve” or “fly. I do appreciate #jacques wanting to improve my life. You guys have great watch reviews…

  • http://URL Michael

    #jacques must be marketing to sixteen-year-old boys who are only interested in street style, judging by the author’s penchant for hashtags and vulgarity.

    The piece was too broad to explain the company’s purpose to me, but I won’t be clicking on the website to find out more.