Announcing the Launch of The worn&wound Podcast

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Hey, worn&wound fans! Today, we’re really excited to announce the launch of The worn&wound Podcast. Each week, we’ll cover the latest news and reviews on, bring you our first-hand account of watch events from around the world, and occasionally sit down with our friends and colleagues from the watch industry to get their take on the latest in watches.WW_PODCAST_1_v2The worn&wound Podcast is also an opportunity for you, our readers, to ask us questions or request topics for discussion on the show. If you have a question or suggestion, feel free to reach out to us via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

You can subscribe to The worn&wound Podcast on all major platforms, including iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and more.

Episode 1 – Baselworld 2017 Preview

In this first installment of The worn&wound Podcast, we discuss why we decided to start the podcast, our thoughts on the upcoming 2017 Baselworld fair, and Bremont’s latest releases after getting a hands-on look at the collection last week.


Below, check out some snaps from our preview of Bremont’s newest collection featuring the new 40mm Supermarine Type 300 and 301, the AIRCO Mach series and the Jaguar MKII White chronograph.

L to R: AIRCO Mach 1, Supermarine S301, Supermarine S300/BL, AIRCO Mach 2
AIRCO Mach 1
Supermarine S300/BK
The AIRCO Mach 1 wears well on a 6.75-inch wrist.
The movement gets Bremont’s finish.
Supermarine S301 on the wirst
The AIRCO Mach 2 is the dressier of the two AIRCO watches, but still easy to dress down.
The panda-dialed Jaguar MKII chronograph was a preview highight.

Episode 2 isn’t far off. In it, we’ll break down what we saw at Baselworld 2017, highlighting the great and not-so-great from the show. Stay tuned!

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  • Edward Lin

    What’s the podcast RSS feed URL? I’d like to subscribe to your podcast using the pocket casts app, but can’t find your podcast within the app right now. Having the RSS feed URL for the podcast would allow me to subscribe.


    • Terrance Steiner

      +1 to this. RSS feed please

  • Porter Hudson

    The multimedia bastion of horological joy expands!

  • shakypete

    RSS appears to be this:.

    Just put http:// in front of it

    • Terrance Steiner


  • Phil

    Just listened to the podcast. Congratulations on a great effort. I really hope this will be a success and based on the first show I am sure it will be.

  • ndre

    show notes with links to see the discussed watches would be nice

  • Christopher Holewski

    Listened to the first episode, it was really great! Can’t wait to hear more. One idea for the show is that you could answer listener questions, and to that extent, I just so happen to have a question for you guys. I’m looking to sell my current small collection of watches to help fund getting a Nomos Metro. I have an Autodromo Vallelunga, a Klokers KLOK-01, a Nooka Zen-H, an HTP Anniversary Special Edition, and then a few cheaper watches like an Invicta and a RedLine. My question for you guys is, what/where is the best place to sell my watches? I found and that seems like my best bet, but I’m curious to hear any better suggestions. Thanks!

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