Around the Web: “Smartwatches are Dying Because They are Worthless”

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Mention smartwatches to a mechanical watch lover and you’re sure to be met with an eye roll and a sigh. But whatever feelings you may harbor for these small wrist-bound computers, smartwatches have been a mostly rising trend in recent years, and undoubtedly a source of consternation to an ailing watch industry. Now, there are indicators—among them Pebble’s acquisition (some would say demise) by Fitbit and overall dwindling sales numbers—that the smartwatch market may not be as strong as it once was believed to be. Gizmodo’s Alex Cranz reasons this decline, arguing, “The convenience of the smartwatch is outdone by its inconveniences—the pairing with a phone, the need to charge, and the stigma of that glowing display that’s always on your wrist.”

Pebble Time Round (2)There have certainly been some improvements, namely Apple Watch’s latest software update, but only time will tell what the future holds for this market segment. For the full article, visit Gizmodo.

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  • BJ314

    So, the same watch that EVERY watch blog said was great, is now being lampooned as a piece of junk? Jesus Christ. Been late to the party much? Any die-hard digital watch wearer knows 99% of non-fitness, non-outdoor adventure, non-tactical oriented smartwatches are bricks.

  • Brodie Yg

    I wouldn’t say smartwatches are dead, no where near dead there popularity is rising rapidly in most countries, smartwatch sales have tripled in my country.

  • Lion5

    They are targeting the wrong market. Those who buy mechanical watches are not looking for electronic. Seems like all OEMs have spent too much time making smart watches look more like Rolex, etc. Furthermore, there are far too many overpriced “high-end” smart watches. That is the wrong target. If I wanted a regular watch, I would buy one. I haven’t worn a watch in ages. My first smart watch was my first watch in a decade. I bought it for the features. I bought a second one and have since moved on to fitness trackers since they too can receive messages, play music, etc.

    • BJ314

      You’re the consumer that they are hoping to attract. Unfortunately, if you haven’t “worn a watch in ages” you’ll probably end up pitching your smart watch too. Anybody know where I can buy a used Bowflex?

      • Lion5

        How are they trying to attract me by making smart watches resemble regular watches and pricing them to the moon? I prefer a smart watch for the software and features, not to imitate luxury watches.

  • Watchlords Forum

    Smart watches do not appeal to me. I purchased one to see what it was about and it currently resides in a watch box, unworn and unloved. They have less “soul” that a quartz watch. I suspect that the new generation of watch people are those that rely on their tablets, smart phones and technology. I will take a mechanical watch over the most expensive smart watches

  • Nic Henstridge

    When the tech is up to the level that I can have a mechanical watch with a toggled overlay to show notifications etc, then I will be interested. I was keen on a smart watch until I saw them in the fresh.. ugly. There’s something about looking at a mechanical watch that is so much more appealing than an LCD. I don’t think this will ever change, so it seems the device will remain fringe until what I opened with is possible.

  • Svetoslav Popov

    Quartz watches did not harm the mechanical market in the 80s. How someone even thinks that such feat could be achieved today with something as unwatchly, as a small smartphone on a strap 🙂

    • BJ314

      Quartz watches didn’t harm the mechanical market? lol You mean on your planet. On Earth, it did quite a bit of damage. 99% of the population doesn’t even realize you can buy a mechanical watch anymore. Heck, most don’t even know what one is.

  • David Tyne

    A smartwatch is pointless – when its main job is to be some kind of conduit between you and the phone in your pocket. It’s like having a remote control for a hand-held TV. I think the only way they will only ever come back is as a stand alone device paired with a bt headset or google glass type product.

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