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Blake Z. Rong

Hailing from the middle coast of Austin, Texas, Blake Z. Rong is a freelance writer, researcher, one-time podcast host, and occasional automotive journalist. When he was 13, he took apart a quartz watch and forgot how to put it back together again. His love for watches has lingered ever since. He can usually be found on his motorcycle speeding across Texas Hill Country.
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A Restoration Story: Breathing New Life Into a $45 Timex “Roulette”

Timex, oftentimes one of the most overlooked brands in watchmaking, has a long and storied …
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The Military Aesthetic: A History of Timex and the Sprite

Recently, Timex introduced a reissue of one of its most obscure and immediately memorable watches: in collaboration with New York designer Todd Snyder, the “Mod …