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Hung Doan

As a collector who splurged during the glorious dotcom 1.0 days, Hung acquired a sizable collection of Swiss watches. Now married with two kids and a mortgage, his watch tastes and pursuits are more down-to-earth. His other interests involve design history, technology, and collecting Star Wars Action figures. He brings a seasoned perspective to the worn&wound team. Hung grew up and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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Bulova Taps Their Archives for the Moon Watch 2.0 and the Chronograph C “Stars and Stripes”

Last year, the Apollo 15 “Moon Watch” was the first revival from the Archive Series, which …

Three-Watch Collection Under $5,000: Hung’s Picks

We’re back with another installment of Three-Watch Collection Under $5,000. We’ve already seen Ilya’s and Mark’s picks. Today, Hung–a seasoned collector and one of worn&wound’s …
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A Guide to Storing Your Watches

There will come a time when you will need to keep a watch in storage. It may be a watch you rarely wear, a speculative …
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How Bulova Used a Universal Genève to Get to the Moon, and How You Can Get One Today

I recently got myself the Bulova Moon Watch, a reproduction released by the brand earlier this year. For those of you unaware, the watch is …
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“Time Capsule”: Japanese Tomes, Watch Otaku, and the Rule of the Archetype

Today, watch lovers have multiple channels for discovery and research, among them (but not limited to) dedicated online magazines, Wikipedia, and a wide range of …