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Jon Gaffney

Jon is a native New Englander who enjoys traveling as much as returning home. He has a passion for watches that his significant other kindly tolerates whilst shaking her head in consternation. A tendency to plow through life with little finesse has led him to appreciate and pursue the utility of a good tool watch.

Field Test: the Affordable B-1T Titanium Field Watch from Bertucci

When I was tasked with field-testing the Bertucci B-1T Titanium Field watch, I went into …
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Two Years in with the MK II Paradive

Growing up watches were not really something I thought about. As a kid and all the way through college, some outside reference of time like …

Field Test: @TheVanMan Goes Lakeside With the Seiko “Turtle” SRP775

I think to say that the watch world was excited by Seiko’s launch of the SRP77x-range would be a rather large understatement. I’ve been knocking …

Field Test: @TheVanMan Takes the Steinhart Ocean Titanium 500 For a Spin

I had seen the Steinhart Ocean Titanium 500 around the inter webs, forums, and Instagram well before getting one on my wrist. It had caught …

Field Test: Davosa Military

I’ve pretty much always been a dive watch guy. I own a dress watch and a vintage field watch, but almost everyday a dive watch …