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ZQ Chia

ZQ’s a die-hard Seiko lover, an obsession first sparked by the purchase of a Seiko Orange Monster, the original 7S classic. ZQ has yet to find his way out of the Seiko rabbit hole, dabbling in both vintage and modern, but his love extends to watches of all kinds. This isn’t ZQ’s first foray into the writing about watches, and he’s excited to bring his bank of knowledge to worn&wound. ZQ currently resides in Singapore with his family.

Affordable Vintage: King Seiko ref. 5621-7020, and Some Things to Consider When Buying King Seiko

Within the world of vintage Seiko, Grand and King Seikos rule the roost, with the …

Affordable Vintage: the Ultra-Thin ’60s Seiko Goldfeather

My preferred watches tend to lean toward the dressier side. The simplicity of classic dress watches have always been a breath of fresh air to …

Three-Watch Collection Under $5,000: ZQ’s Picks

We’re back with the our latest installment of our popular Three-Watch Collection Under $5,000 series. We’ve already seen Ilya’s, Mark’s, Hung’s, Sean’s, and Christoph’s picks. …

Before Heritage Was Cool – an Overview of Seiko’s Incredible Historical Collection from 2000

Modern reissues of historical watches have been the trend of the past few years. This year’s Baselworld was perhaps the zenith of the vintage-inspired craze, …

Chronography 12: Seiko’s Modern Mechanical Chronographs

In the last two installments of Chronography, we took a look at three excellent vintage chronograph families from Seiko and Citizen, and we then examined …

Chronography 11: The Citizen “Bullhead” Challenge Timer

We went in-depth with the caliber 8110 in our last installment of Chronography, where we highlighted its technical superiority over its Seiko brethren. Today, we’re …
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World of Watches 2 Hosts Singapore’s First-Ever Grand Seiko Event Featuring Master Watchmaker Satoshi Hiraga

A first-ever Grand Seiko event of its kind in Singapore—a well-regarded hotspot for watch aficionados—was recently hosted by Grand Seiko authorized retailer World of Watches …

Chronography 10: Three Excellent Vintage Calibers from Seiko and Citizen

In 1969, Seiko’s 6139 chronograph caliber was nothing short of revolutionary, incorporating a column wheel and a vertical clutch system. Seiko certainly didn’t invent the …