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Archimede Outdoor Protect and PVD Review

by Zach Weiss 08.27.2014

A couple of years ago, we got the chance to review the Archimede Outdoor. We were impressed back then, but in the years that have past, have longed to revisit…Read more »



Come to the Autodromo Stradale Launch in NYC Tomorrow

by 08.26.2014

Just the other day, Autodromo, released a new line of automatic watches at the Concorso Italiano in Monterey California. The Stradale series continues their automotive inspired-spin on watch design with…Read more »



w&w Round-Table 1: Which One Watch Would You Keep?

by w&w 08.25.2014

Welcome to our first w&w Round-Table! The idea for this new series is simple; the w&w team will all be asked the same question and respond accordingly. No one sees…Read more »


@JimBlackwell and a colorful Swatch

w&w Instagram Round-Up #33

by w&w 08.24.2014

This week’s selections were chosen from the entries for our Orient Bambino Giveaway. There were over 600 entries with watches ranging in value and style, for a great array to…Read more »



RIOS 1931 for Panatime

by Zach Weiss 08.22.2014

It’s no small secret that we here at worn&wound are big fans of German watches… pound for pound, they tend to offer the best craftsmanship for the dollar. So, it…Read more »



Sinn 556i Review

by Zach Weiss 08.20.2014

Sinn watches hardly need an introduction here on w&w. Generally a favorite amongst tool watch fans, military watch fans and affordable watch enthusiasts; Sinn’s pack incredible craftsmanship, over-engineered tech and…Read more »



Watches and F1: Oris and Williams F1

by Sean Lorentzen 08.19.2014

It’s strange how sponsorship pairings just click sometimes. Intentional or no, every once in a while, a team and their sponsor will resemble each other beyond the superficialities of brand…Read more »



Miansai M24 Hands-On

by Zach Weiss 08.18.2014

Seems like, in the last few years, not only have watches gotten more popular, but so have leather and beaded bracelets. Often, when browsing #wornandwound over on instagram, I see…Read more »



Affordable Vintage: The Bullitt Benrus

by Brandon Cripps 08.15.2014

Hitting the auction block this weekend is Steve McQueen’s 1967 Ferrari 275 GTB/4.  With estimates ranging from $8-12 million, the car is on track to break sales records and demonstrates…Read more »