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Raven Watches

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Raven Trekker 40 Review

Over the last year or so, Raven Watches has begun to redefine themselves as a brand. Part of the SteVral group, which also includes tool-dive …
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Raven Watches Vintage 42mm

If you like vintage diver designs, specifically the early days of the Rolex Submariner, but not current vintage diver prices, Raven Watches has something you …
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Interview with Steve Laughlin of Benarus Watches

It’s no secret that the Worn&Wound staff has enjoyed the watches created by Raven and Benarus, as well as their accessories division Suppa Parts. The …
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Raven Vintage and Deep Review

The Raven Watch brand popped up a little while ago with a pretty singular mission: create affordable, well-made watches with looks inspired by classic Submariners. …