Watch Lust: MeisterSinger Singulator

by 04.16.2012

The MeisterSinger Singulator is not to be confused with a regulator… Well, that’s not really true. Basically, it IS a regulator (like the Louis Erard I wrote about before), but…Read more »


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Watch Lust: Grand Seiko Hi-Beat

by 03.26.2012

Sometimes, all I want in a watch is simplicity and elegance: no unnecessary decoration, no extra knobs or bezels, just 3-hands, maybe a date and classic looks. Of course, there…Read more »



Watch Lust: Tutima Grand Classic Chronograph UTC

by 02.22.2012

Many of the watches we buy, wear and love today are rooted in or call to a long-standing history of military horology, from faithful recreations of the pieces worn by…Read more »



Watch Lust: Louis Erard Regulator w/ Power Reserve in Black

by 01.04.2012

The Louis Erard Regulator Ref. 54 209 AN 12 with power reserve in black is a champion of manly watches: it’s bold, dark, intriguing and tasteful. It is at once…Read more »



Watch Lust: Selene Tinta by Ochs und Junior

by 11.28.2011

$8,600 is a lot of money to spend on a watch, and certainly more than I’ll be spending any time soon.  But, if I were to spend that much in…Read more »



Watch Lust: Nomos Tangente Gangreserve

by 11.04.2011

There is so much more to the Nomos Tangente Gangreserve than meets the eye.  From the face to the movement, this watch has immense quality, craftsmanship and unique design crammed…Read more »



Watch Lust: Stowa Flieger Chrono

by 10.03.2011

I’m a huge fan of pilot watches.  While many look all too similar, there are also those pieces that, within the constraints of the very traditional pilot watch aesthetic, stick…Read more »



Watch Lust: Sinn 356 Flieger II

by 09.13.2011

Its a bit surprising that we haven’t discussed any Sinn watches on worn&wound yet.  Sinn is a watch company that offers wide variety and incredible consistency in their line of timepieces.  And while…Read more »



Watch-Lust: Muhle Glashutte Marinus III

by 08.03.2011

We haven’t talked about Muhle Glashutte on worn&wound yet, but this company is certainly one that Zach and I have admired for quite a while.  They’re watch line features an…Read more »