Watch Curmudgeon: RIP Abraham Louis Breguet

by 11.04.2013

Unfortunately, poor old A.L. Breguet is not resting in peace! He’s in a rather nasty state of mind, tossing, turning, and moaning. In fact, this is the second time since…Read more »



Watch Curmudgeon: How Little Did You Pay For That Watch?

by 02.25.2013

What do you think a gorgeous watch should cost that’s meticulously crafted, and features a fine ETA automatic movement, a thick, domed sapphire crystal, state-of-the-art lume, a superb strap or…Read more »



Watch Curmudgeon: Overheard At a Swatch Store

by 12.24.2012

Every few months, I make an effort to visit a Swatch store to see what’s new. This has been a ritual of mine for many years. During what I affectionately…Read more »



Watch Curmudgeon: Watchamacallit?

by 12.03.2012

Last summer, while waiting on an insanely long line at Starbucks, a guy asked me what kind of a watch I was wearing. Without giving it too much thought, I…Read more »



Watch Curmudgeon: Factoring the Glance

by 11.02.2012

About a year or so ago, I was sitting in a theater waiting for a movie to begin. Instead of watching all the annoying commercials and mindless trivia games, I…Read more »



Watch Curmudgeon 6: On Voyuhrism

by 07.30.2012

What is it with watches that turns them into such an obsession? They’re just little machines you strap to your wrist that tell you the time. No big deal. But…Read more »


The Tourby Marine Enamel, Reviewed by The Watch Curmudgeon

by 07.02.2012

I love watches! And I love to complain! Therefore, I love to complain about watches. Especially those in my collection. Now don’t get me wrong: I’m crazy about most of…Read more »



Watch Curmudgeon 4: The Art of the Browse

by 06.04.2012

If you’re a bonafide watchaholic, you probably get tremendous pleasure out of gazing at ultra high-end watches in magazines, on the internet and in the windows of prestigious jewelers. Of…Read more »



Watch Curmudgeon #3: On Watch Theft

by 05.07.2012

Remember that article Blake posted on March 19 about the Pelican Watch Case? What a great idea! If you want to keep your growing watch collection in great shape make…Read more »