Watch Modding Piece by Piece

by Li Wang 02.17.2014

Modding a watch can be addictive. If you are a creative type, finding just the right parts to make your very own perfect watch can be an interesting journey. 


Hamilton Wrist Shot

The DoughBoy Watch Company

by James Enloe 10.04.2013

World War I soldiers, rather than carrying impractical pocket watches on fobs,  found it much more convenient to wear pocket watches attached to their wrists via leather straps. Pocket watches…Read more »


dagaz milsub

Watch Modding 101

by Li Wang 09.16.2013

Watch modding (modification) has become a subculture within the watch collectors’ world with a small but strong contingent of individuals making parts.



Interview with Jake B of Dagaz Watches

by Li Wang 08.12.2013

Jake Bourdeau, better known as Jake B on the watch forums, has become the biggest name in the international Seiko watch modding community. After the company founder and Jake’s mentor…Read more »



Watch Mods: G-Shock Roundup

by 10.26.2012

While G-Shocks and digital watches of the like don’t often make it to the pages of worn&wound, we can’t deny their popularity.  People of all stripes and interests go wild…Read more »



Watch Mods: Fewsome Watches

by 08.06.2012

Watch modding can be a scary process.  For those of us who are not avid DIY’ers, cracking open a watch and tinkering with its components is a bit overwhelming.  Thankfully,…Read more »



From Pocket Watch to Wrist Watch

by 07.16.2012

Those of us who enjoy watches (and you’re a member of this club if you read this blog) know that before the advent of the wristwatch, pocket watches were the…Read more »



Watch Mods: Luxury Watch Modding

by 06.08.2012

I’ve always thought of watch modding as a bit of a double-edged sword.  Its great to see a unique, often one-of-a-kind take on a watch, but its also a little…Read more »


SKX007 200M small

Watch Mods: Dagaz Watch Ltd.

by 05.11.2012

A few weeks ago we posted our first watch mod update with a really nice example of a home modded Seiko SNK.  For those of you not quite brave enough…Read more »