Introducing Horween Model 1 Watch Straps by worn&wound

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It’s with great excitement that we bring you the next iteration of our American-made, in-house designed, and wildly popular Model 1 straps; now made with supple, beautiful Horween leather. For those who are unaware, Horween is synonymous with quality in the world of leather manufacturing; being featured on the finest of footwear, luggage, outerwear and now worn&wound watch accessories. Established in 1905 and based out of Chicago, IL, Horween’s American-made leather is the perfect match for our subtle, yet strong Model 1 straps.


The new Model 1s stay true to the original modern, minimal design with slight updates, and are available in Crimson, Rye and Coal. Both the Crimson and Rye are made from a variety of Horween leather called Cavalier Chromexcel. Based on proprietary tanning techniques that have been in use for nearly 100 years, the Cavalier is a rich, deeply colored “pull-up” variety. As the strap flexes and stresses, oils migrate around the surface of the leather, creating a dynamic range of hues. These straps will age and patina beautifully, gaining more character and charm as they are worn in.


The Crimson is a dark reddish brown that lightens to a slightly bolder red when flexed. Against steel, the Crimson brightens the metal by creating a dark and intriguing backdrop. Against PVD, the result is far more brooding and mysterious.

The Rye is a vibrant, honey brown that has a golden glow when stressed. The subtle orange and yellow tones are a natural fit against a steel case, while the pull-up characteristics of the leather add a drop of vintage charm. The radiant hues, by contrast, make the black of PVD all the more fierce.


The Chamois Horween leather used with the Model 1 – Coal is an oiled nubuck with a matte dark grey color that verges on black. Subtle and smokey, we have paired the Coal leather with an aged brown stitching that brings out the naturally worn character of the leather. Pair with a brushed steel watch for a sophisticated and rugged look. Or wear on PVD watch for a subtle play of black, grey and faded brown.


As with the worn&wound website, it is our continual goal with our products to bring you originality and quality at an accessible price. We take great pride in the fact that our straps are designed from the ground up by us. We work closely with manufacturers, making many samples, figuring out the best ways to achieve our designs economically and we source our own materials and hardware. By doing this, we cut out middlemen, have greater control over the details and pass the savings on to you.

To this end, we are excited to offer the Model 1 Horween line for $89, the same price of our original Model 1 design. All Model 1 Horween straps are available in 20mm and 22mm lug widths and with both matte steel and black PVD.

As always, we want to thank all readers of worn&wound for supporting our work and for making both the website and shop possible.


– the w&w team

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  • I pass by Horween everyday on the way to work. Good to know they’re doing great things.

  • Any shots of Crimson OTW? (on the wrist)

    Would love to pick one up for my Steiny OVM. Thanks.

  • Joe

    I don’t know what type of animal a Horween is, but they have some beautiful hide.

    • cow…and some of the best quality leather out there

  • RSG

    I think I’m going to buy that bronze Archimede just to pair it with your coal-colored strap. Looks amazing!

    @Joe: actually, the leather is shell cordovan, from horse hide. Horween is tannery.

    • w&w

      Hi RSG,

      Thanks! The coal goes really nicely with bronze in general.

      These leathers are not shell cordovan, which is just one variety of leather made by Horween. We used Cavalier Chromexcel and Chamois, which are traditional Cow hide leathers of excellent quality.


  • The photos of the rye strap vary quite dramatically with regards to the color. In some instances it looks dark brown (first photo in the article and the last one from the gallery) and in others quite orange (third photo in the article). Is this just a function of the color changing when the strap is bent, or was lighting/processing done differently?

    I’d prefer the rye horween leather strap based on the material, but the gold nubuck strap seems like it would pair with the lume on a Steinhart OVM much more closely.

    Is the rye more likely to look brown or orange?

    • w&w

      Hi Evan,

      Thanks for the question. The color ranges a lot depending on the lighting and whether or not it’s bent. In the sun, on your wrist, it’s going to look more orange/gold. In a dusky bar, it will look more like a caramel brown.

      On the OVM the gold nubuk Model 1 will be a closer match literally, but the rye horween might bring out the color a bit more by being related, but darker. Either way, it will look great.


  • cow…and some of the best quality leather out there

  • PB

    Those are beautiful. Great job. Please alert me when they are on sale 🙂

  • Would love these in 24mm size, especially the crimson.

  • IU

    What wrist size do these fit?

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