Introducing the LE Harris Tweed and Color 8 2-Watch Fold

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For our first release of 2017, we’re actually remixing something we made once before, our first Harris Tweed 2-Watch Folds. We had some of the incredibly gorgeous tweed leftover, so we decided to do a very limited run of 25 Folds, this time paired with Horween’s stunning Color 8 Chromexcel.

The 2-Watch Fold is an original design developed in-house at worn&wound. The face-to-face pockets allow you to conveniently carry two watches, or a watch and some straps, or a watch and a pair of sunglasses, in a case the size of a single watch pouch. The fold is then secured with a leather strap that one wraps around and tucks under itself for a secure closure. Our 2-Watch Fold is then manufactured in our hometown of NYC.

This special edition features Harris Tweed, which is produced exclusively in the northern Isles of Scotland, and is 100% wool, hand-spun and hand-woven by craftsmen using traditional techniques dating back hundreds of years. The lengthy process includes everything form the shearing of specific breeds of sheep, to dyeing, to spinning to hand weaving on traditional looms and hand finishing. It is widely considered the best tweed available today and is used by top brands worldwide.

The gorgeous ash gray color pairs beautifully with the dark burgundy of the Color 8 leather, creating a dark and sophisticated palette. This is probably our sleekest combo to date, and will make a great carrying/storage case for your favorite watch or two.

The Harris Tweed and Color 8 2-Watch Fold is available now at for $99.

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