Introducing Model 2 Premium Watch Straps

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Just a couple of weeks ago, we announced our new Model 2 Classics. As we had written, after months of R&D we decided to take our popular unlined straps and recreate them using only heavy-duty vegetable tanned leather from Wickett & Craig Tannery of Pennsylvania. The result is a stronger, more stretch-resistant strap. Today, we’re excited to present our next evolution on this design, the Model 2 Premium.

The Model 2 Premium takes the style and comfort of our existing straps, but has been reengineered to be higher end; a more refined and finished strap that is built to last longer. A strap that will look as good on an everyday watch as on the finest timepiece. Still proudly manufactured in New York City and designed and developed in-house at worn&wound, the Model 2 Premium mixes gorgeous top-leathers, such as those from Chicago’s Horween Tannery, with structural lining leather. It is here that the real difference is made.

Sourced from Wickett & Craig, our vegetable tanned lining was chosen for its high-quality and stretch resistance. It makes the straps stronger, break-in nicer and feel more luxurious. We leave it thick too, not just a film like you’ll find on most straps. Because of this, as you wear the strap the lining will mold to your wrist, making the Model 2 Premium fit and feel great.


To further refine the Model 2 Premium, we’ve also painted the edges all around with several layers of complimentary color. We then hand tie each tack with braided, waxed cotton cord, for a clean and secure knot.



For our initial selection of Model 2 Premiums, we chose a few of our favorite colors.


Olive is a classic worn&wound offering and one of our most popular colors. For the premium version we reinforced the oily, earthy qualities of the Horween Chamois top leather with brown edge paint, khaki thread and natural lining. This is an obvious choice for military inspired watches, as well as those with nice patina. Available Here

Color 8

Color 8 is Horween’s famous burgundy color, which is unmatched for its dark complexity. We wanted to reinforce the sleek elegance of the color by pairing it with all black detailing; black paint, black thread and black lining. The result is striking, and will look great with sport or dress watches. Available Here

Natural Derby

Horween Natural Derby has a wild, twisting grain throughout making no two straps look alike. It has a gorgeous bright tan color that is darkened with an unpredictable pebbling of dark brown. We went with brown paint and thread, to give it a darker overall tone, and natural lining. This one looks great on watches with a little color, bringing out blues and reds. Available Here


Coal is another worn&wound classic, providing a subtle, sophisticated alternative to black. The oiled nubuck finish of the Horween leather has a light nap, giving the surface a range of dark grays as the nap shifts. We kept this one dark with black edge paint, black thread and black lining. Coal looks great with matte finished steel and titanium cases. Available Here


Lastly, is our must rugged offering, Rust. This dynamic dark brown Horween leather features an orange pull up, flecked with near black grain for a distressed appearance. We added dark brown edge paint to bring out the color, while using steel gray thread for contrast. Lastly, it is backed with natural lining, which brings out the brighter tones within. This one looks great on anything vintage and compliments white or cream dials. Available Here

Refined yet rugged, the Model 2 Premium will quickly become a staple in any collection. They are available now at in 18, 20 and 22mm for $89.

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  • YYY1

    I’ve always loved the look of your straps….
    ….but I need one for my 19mm Tissot Le Locle. Any plans on ever offering a 19mm version of any of your straps?

    • @YYY1:disqus Thanks! Our 18mm Model 2 Classic straps should fit your 19mm watch. Our straps run about 1mm large to ensure a snug and lasting fit. I would recommend picking one up to test the size. If it doesn’t match up, we’re happy to process the return as long as the strap isn’t damaged or worn.

  • TrevorXM

    I really like the look of your Model 1 straps. A lot better than the Hodinkee straps which seem like a bit of a rip-off. However, I don’t wear conventional leather straps any more during the summer months because the perspiration makes them go foul. Have you thought about some sort of rubber backing? If not that, then what would you suggest as a way to keep a quality leather strap like your Model 1’s from going bad? I love the idea of long-term use and the patina you’d get on some of them, but they are useless if they stink.

    • Martin Lew

      When you’re not wearing your watch, keep it in a cool dark place or put a slight amount of talc powder on the lining and leave it for a day or two in a cardboard box.

      Constant perspiration on any leather strap will make it smell. Think of shoes and how you perspire in them constantly. At some point you have to give them some air.

      I guess it’s more reason to buy 2 straps and swap them to give each one a bit of time to air out. Can’t remember any strap I’ve had that hasn’t had the issues you mention, but I found giving it some time to recover has helped.

      Another option is leather conditioner in very moderate amounts. Be very careful with this and maybe test it before doing the whole strap. Hope that helps.

      • somethingnottaken

        Wiping the insides of the straps with diluted vinegar might help too. This is a common way to clean shoes – the vinegar acts as a mild detergent and disinfectant, and the pH of diluted vinegar is about right for leather.

  • Craig Lewis

    How about a version for quick release spring bars?

  • I tried your model 1 strap once but it was too long. I prefer my straps to be 70mm/110mm but your new ones appear even longer than before at 80mm/125mm. Any chance you’ll ever offer shorter length straps?

  • chenpofu

    can the pin buckle be swapped out on these? thanks.

    • Stephen Scharf


      • chenpofu

        Thanks. Another quick question, the model 1 seems to taper a bit, what is the width at the pin buckle, 2 mm less than the lug width?

        • Hi,

          The Model 1 is straight, but the Model 2’s (pictured in this post) taper 2mm.


          • chenpofu

            Right, I got the two confused. Thanks.

  • Stephen Scharf

    This is very good news, thanks for releasing these straps. I have two (original) Horween Model 2s. I like them and find them quite supple, but I did find that the unfinished leather backside can irritate my skin. The fact that these have a nude finished leather backing is a big improvement. I also look forward to when you have them in some more colors; a nice rich dark brown would be a suggestion. Cheers.

  • somethingnottaken

    The unfinished edges suit the new Wicket & Craig leather; however, the Horween leathers you’re using look better with finished edges (as on these new model 2 and all the model 1’s). I’ve bought several Model 1’s; however, the original Model 2 never appealed to me. Now I like both of the updated versions.

  • Никита

    Actually, I am not very satisfied with my Model 2 Horween – Black – 20mm. It deformed and shrinked to 17 mm in Singapore climate in less than 1 month. So I couldn’t use it with the watch anymore. And the delivery fee for outside of USA is very high – Subtotal : $59.00 USD
    Shipping : $45.00 USD
    Total : $104.00 USD. I don’t think it is worth 104 USD. Like the blog, but straps seem overpriced.
    P.S. Just took it from my shelf – and see mushrooms growing on it 🙂 but its shitty climate, can’t blame the strap for it.

  • Никита

    I bought Model 2 for almost double price due to 45$ shipping fee and unfortunately it shrinked from 20 to 17 mm in couple of month… Now I cannot use it.

    • James

      Send us a message over at the shop contact page and we are happy to help you out.

      • Никита


  • Phil

    Ah, you guys are killing me, just on the back of the new model 2 classic, I may have to snap one of the premium too !

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