Introducing the Christopher Ward C5 Slimline Square

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I’ve always felt that the under $1,000 dollar watch market was lacking in dress watch options, particularly mechanical ones. Sure, there are some out there, but they rarely stand out, and those that do, end up becoming very popular. One that I’ve always thought was a great option was the Christopher Ward C5 Malvern Automatic. Simple, modest, handsome and very affordable, at $550 it’s a great watch for someone in need of a versatile dress watch on a budget. C Ward has continued to grow that line over the years adding colors, finishes, some twists and turns, and now a new model that is an exciting departure.


Following up on their previous C5 Malvern Slimline, released in 2014, C Ward is taking the watch in a bold new direction with a square case. The so-called C5 Slimline Square (or squared if you’re reading the dial) is an elegant interpretation of the platonic form, dropping the 90 degree angles for rounded edges and bowed sides. It comes across a bit art-deco and mid-century adding a retro feel with out overtly being a vintage styled piece. A modest width of 37mm, short lugs and a thickness of 8.25mm make this truly dress sized as well.

The case back features a display window that shows off the new Sellita 210-1 hand wound movement. This is essentially Sellita’s answer to the ETA 2801, which C Ward used in their previous Slimline watch (40mm, round). The 210-1 has been decorated to a nice degree with Cote De Geneve and blue screws. This is a great movement to find in a modestly priced watch, especially with the bonus of nice decoration. I think the choice of a hand wound movement was smart in general. They are a bit uncommon, help keep things slim and make one interact with the watch more regularly. Call me old-fashioned, but I like the act of winding a watch in the morning.


The dial is styled after the other Slimline watch, with sunburst surfaces and applied batons for the hours. It doesn’t get much simpler, and while a bit plain, also speaks to the C5s being versatile and understated watches. That said, I like how they dealt with the irregular shape, extending the batons out to meet the edge, rather than creating a circle in the square. The Slimline Square will be available initially in white and blue. Both look good, though I would love to see them do a gray or silver to contrast with white and blue shirts.

The Slimline Square will come on blue, black or brown faux-croc leather, or milanese style mesh. Both options appear to work quite well with the design. The leather softens things up a bit perhaps feeling more mid-century, while the mesh brings out the boldness in the shape. The mesh on the white dial is particularly striking.


Coming in at $549 on leather and $655 on Milanese the Slimline Square stays true to the value offered from the line and the brand. For someone looking for an elegant dress watch that is conservative enough for any formal occasion, but stylish enough to add some intrigue, the Slimline Square is a great option.

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  • A very handsome watch, priced right. I have give them credit for going 37mm.

  • DoctorHoon

    The most appealing Chris Ward yet in my opinion. Great value, unique design, well finished movement, what’s not to love?

  • Philip Johnson

    Nice watch – ruined by putting the stupid name on the dial. Slimline is something the barman asks when you’re ordering a G and T……..

    • Sevenmack

      Works fine for me. If you dont like it, don’t buy it. Simple enough.

      • Philip Johnson

        Agreed! Thing is I like it except for slimline on the dial

  • Curmudgeon

    Nice! A perfect addition to any watch wardrobe. It’s wonderful to see a no-fuss hand winder at 37mm. The price ain’t so bad either!

  • Nelson

    Nice dress watch at a good price. Love the blue dial.

  • Никита

    Perfect addition from CW, easily best current offer from the company imo

  • somethingnottaken

    Blue dial with milanese strap added to wishlist. The silver on white dial is rather low contrast, I’d like to see future models with blued steel and/or Gold hands and indicies on the white dial (though I think the blue dial would still be my first choice).

    I like the idea of a square watch, but there are only a few that specific examples that really appeal to me, and fewer still at an affordable price point.

  • This is a really beautiful watch. Especially the blue dial version.

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