Pairs Well With: Olivier Bronze Diver

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Our recent run-in with the green-dialed brass-cased Maranez Layan gave me an itch for all things bronze. Little did I know that I would be so susceptible to the warm and rugged charm of that soft yellow metal. What I found so appealing about it was that it brought color into the watch without being loud or adding anything precious. As such, it makes for a great alternative to the more common steel and black PVD watches I normally wear. Then there is the amazing quality of patina. Bronze forms a layer of oxidization on its surface, making the watch change and age as you wear it. This is actually a feature of the metal  that protects it from corrosion, making bronze appropriate for nautical use. So, for this Pairs Well With, I sought out finding a bronze cased watch with unique styling that could lend itself to many situations and many outfits.

*it has been pointed out by various readers that the Olivier brand is somewhat defunct as of this moment, owing lots of watches to customers who pre-paid months ago, yet not communicating to them at all about the situation… As such, it is not in your best interest to get too attached to the watch shown here. That being said, the nature of the Pairs Well With post is to give you an idea of how things look together, and how to style around your favorite watch. The pairing here is about bronze watches more than the Olivier watch shown, which was just chosen as an example piece given its aesthetic value. – w&w

The Olivier diver is a particularly nice example of an affordable bronze diver. The barrel shaped case gives it a bit of a vintage feel, while the bezel and dial are sporty and functional. Interesting details like a blue seconds hand, 3-day date window and colored dials make this watch visually distinct and all the more desirable. They are also kind enough to offer their watches with either ETA 2824-2’s for $850 or with Miyota 8215’s for $650…both good deals in their own right. I find my eyes are particularly drawn to the “Prussian blue” dial variation, which has a richness of color that is hard to ignore. With this watch in mind, our resident pairing specialist, Dexter Austria, put together an out fit that would celebrate the bronze and blue combo, while staying true to the nautical roots of both the watch and the metal.

Zach is the Co-Founder and Executive Editor of Worn & Wound. Before diving headfirst into the world of watches, he spent his days as a product and graphic designer. Zach views watches as the perfect synergy of 2D and 3D design: the place where form, function, fashion and mechanical wonderment come together.
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  • I am not sure there are a lot of Olivier divers out there to pair things with:) I have been waiting over 8 months to hear anything about mine. Better stick with the Marenez

  • Are you NUTS or perhaps haven’t been online in the last year? Olivier’s website has not been updated since last summer; many including me, have apparently been bilked of their $200/$250 deposits. The few watches delivered have, apparently, gone to his cronies, apologists and those near enough to get to him personally. There was a 300 page thread on WUS about Olivier’s failure to communicate about the delay; how long would it take to send a heads-up email? now there is a poll on WUS that shows the large majority of people haven’t received so much as an explanation, while reported deliveries have slowed to a trickle. If you consider yourself a journalist, then make yourself useful and investigate this matter.

    • w&w

      Thanks for pointing out the issues with the Olivier brand…though I dare say your approach is a bit harsh. I had seen recently a twitter user who had photographed one on his wrist, leading me to believe these were out in the wild, regardless of the fact that the website hadn’t changed…many of these boutique watch brands suffer from less than stellar websites. THAT BEING SAID… yes, now that I look at their Facebook page, etc…it would seem that something very unsavory is going on with the brand at they owe their customers a MAJOR explanation.

      I’ll update the post to reflect the situation.

  • Please accept my apology for being over -the-top and borderline rude (okay, rude). However, I hated the thought of someone sending in a deposit as a result of this article, when the problems are so widely known. Our hobby, your blog, our interest in start-ups, microbrands, and the faith required to send hundreds if not thousands of dollars into the unknown…. The whole system comes crashing down if the whole of our interest degenerates into just another online scam. If Olivier ran into serious problems (illness, financial, unfortunate subcontractors) all would be forgiven, even assistance offered, if there were just a little bit of communication. At this point, I think many would be satisfied with a simple email stating sorry, tried my best, was in over my head, thank you for sharing my vision.

  • As one who is out $250 from Roland (the scammer/owner) at Olivier, I say clearly to avoid Olivier at all costs.

  • As another person who is out $250 from Roland at olivier, I hope you remove any reference to and free publicity for that scammer.

  • I remember hesitating between the Olivier and the Benarus Bronze moray 44. Sent an email to both of them and only heard back from Benarus, very happy with the watch for the same reasons mentioned on this page (rarity, looks&feel, patina, etc…). I believe all bronze morays have sold out but if you come across one go ahead, it’s a great watch.

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