Seiko and Nano Universe Recreate the Steve Jobs Watch

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Last year, our friends over at Hodinkee broke the story that a simple ‘80s-era Seiko wristwatch owned and worn by Steve jobs sold at auction for $42,500. What makes this watch special from a collector’s standpoint is that Jobs wore the watch during his famous photo shoot with photographer Norman Seeff in 1984. Now, from a horological standpoint, the auction price is absolutely a head scratcher. But, if you’re a fan of the man and the company he built, and you have the money to burn, then it’s certainly a fun bit of memorabilia.Steve Jobs SeikoThe watch in question, reference 6431-6030, is about as straightforward as a watch can be. But there’s certainly beauty in that simplicity. The black, cylindrical case is paired with an off-white dial displaying only the essentials—hash marks, a straightforward hour index, and simple black hands. There’s something Giugiaro-esque about the design, with a somewhat somber take on his industrial aesthetic. Now Seiko, in its fourth collaboration with Japanese clothing retailer Nano Universe, has unveiled a series of watches honoring that design.

Seiko Nano Universe SJ - 1
The collection consists of four references: SCXP 041 (white dial, 37.5mm); SCXP 051 (white dial, 33mm); SCXP 061 (black dial, 37.5mm); SCXP 071 (black dial, 33mm).

The watches, like the original, are quartz, and the collection is a limited run—the white dialed variants to 1,982 units each, and the black dialed to 300 units each. Retail is 20,000 yen (approximately $177 as of this writing). For more information, visit Seiko Japan.




Ilya is Worn & Wound's Managing Editor and Video Producer. He believes that when it comes to watches, quality, simplicity and functionality are king. This may very well explain his love for German and military-inspired watches. In addition to watches, Ilya brings an encyclopedic knowledge of leather, denim and all things related to menswear.
  • Radlad

    What is the case made of?

    • Svetoslav Popov

      Hard coated stainless steel.

      • Radlad

        Thanks for that. Seems like a great option for daily wear if it wasn’t so rare.

  • DanW94

    Wow, that’s about as boring and nondescript as a watch can get. I wouldn’t have even paid 177.00 for the original owned by Steve Jobs, so these are a definite pass for me.

  • Elijs Dima

    This case shape (and watch) would be pretty sweet if made from bronze. A pity Seiko will never do that.

  • Neil Brown
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