Smith & Bradley Sans-13

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Just a week ago we posted about two crowd sourcing projects for watches. One inexplicably affordable and fashion oriented, the other mighty expensive with an eye towards modern design. It seems like most of the watches that go up on crowd sourcing sites are geared towards mainstream tastes and audiences. Well, the newest watch to seek crowd sourcing that has caught our attention is not that. It’s an overbuilt tactical watch, designed with the interests of military and law enforcement professionals in mind. The Smith & Bradley Sans-13 is not pretty, it’s not elegant, it’s not trying to prove a point…it’s just a big manly watch that is meant to be easy to read and take a beating.


The Sans-13 starts with a 43mm PVD steel case that is all business. The screw-down crown is fully shrouded by guards to protect it and prevent any snagging of the crown. The lugs are tall are feature screw-bars as yet another toughening and protective measure. On top is a bold uni-directional bezel with wide grips. Currently, the watch is slated to have a mineral crystal, though there seems to be some discussion of stepping up to sapphire as a reach goal. The current crystal features a “Cyclops” magnifier for the date, which I happen to think looks great on the watch. Mineral is more shatter resistant and easier to buff than sapphire even if it scratches more easily, so I think it suits this watch concept. And I certainly wouldn’t want to lose the cylclops if they upgraded.


Moving in, the dial is no-nonsense white numerals on a black face. If you haven’t noticed already, yep, that’s a radiation symbol on the dial as well. This watch uses Tritium Phosphor tubes for extra long lasting lume. They are placed on the hands and around the edge of the dial. A Ronda 6003.D 4-jewel quartz movement powers the Sans-13. While we typically hope for mechanical movements, there is a logic to a tactical watch having a quartz, which is shock-resistance. Hit your automatic into the wall and it might stop working… do that with a quartz and damage is less likely.


The Smith & Bradley Sans-13 will retail for $425, which isn’t bad for a Tritium tube watch. For their kickstarter campaign, they are looking to raise $16k, which it seems like they are on track to do. Should you want to pledge, the clear choice is to go for their $220 option, which buys you a watch for about 50% off. Clearly, this watch will only appeal to you if you are into that tactical look, but if so, there is something particularly stark and purposeful about the Sans-13 that is appealing. It looks like something you are issued, not something you buy.

images courtesy of Smith & Bradley

By Zach Weiss

Zach is the co-founder and Executive Editor of worn&wound. Before diving head first into the world of watches, he spent his days as a product and graphic designer. Zach views watches as the perfect synergy of 2D and 3D design: the place where form, function, fashion and mechanical wonderment come together.
wornandwound zsw
  • I keep going back and forth on whether I like this watch or not. Well… maybe back and forth on whether I love it or not. It’s very cool but it’s not quite perfect for me, I think.

    Maybe it is and I’m just over analyzing (which I tend to do).

    I think in a perfect world, I would like a saphire crytal, no date, quieter bezel, and a slightly larger case (I like a big watch).

    Overall, it’s very slick in many ways. The S&B logo is a bit busy and I would prefer something more simple or even sterile (with no 24 hour marks too).

    See, I’m over analyzing again!

    $220 for this sounds like a decent deal. Especially for a limited quantity and the chance to crowd fund something fun.

    w&w, you guys better get a version to review within their Kickstarter window so I know for sure if I need to jump on this deal or not. 😉


  • JP

    SAT. 21July2013
    Stumbled into this S&B/Sans-13 while surfing W&W and other Forums…this appears to be a “Code-Red” (as in “Juimp-on-it”) deal but not pulling the trigger (yet). Hoping to see W&W gurus do a review and give us the real low down on this watch.
    Otherwise, short of picking another Traser/Luminox kind-of-watch then my CO will give me some tongue-lashing for not picking the TAWATEC for less $$$.
    Meanwhile, Sans-13 will be on my radar not unless I get my hands on one of those Fliegers with a Seagull-3600 hand-winder.
    Anxiously awaiting for your watch review….MANY THANKS !!!

    • You probably won’t see a w&w review of the watch until they actually go into production (after the Kickstarter is over, the watch is funded, and they start delivering models to funders).

      I wouldn’t hold my breath, basically.

  • “The Smith & Bradley Sans-13 will retail for $425, which isn’t bad for a Tritium tube watch.”

    Yeah it is bad for a tritium quartz watch. You can get a Prometheus tritium automatic watch for less with a metal bracelet.

    • Yeah. I scratched my head for a while on this one. Even at $220, it’s a pretty crappy deal. I wouldn’t spend much over $200 on a quartz watch, and that’s only if it’s something I’ll never be able to find mechanical.

  • I backed this project for a few bucks and while I’m not planinng on getting the watch, there have been some interesting developments (just got a backer update).

    Long story short, they can’t do Tritium. The new price for the watch will be $170 for backers.

    There’s more to it but those are the highlights. While that may be a downside to a few people, I’m guessing it will add a few more backers last minute that don’t care that much about Tritium.

  • All I wanted was a rough and tough watch. Something I can see in the dark. I think this might a overkill on price. I’ll have to think about this a little longer.

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