Hamilton Khaki TakeOff Automatic Chronograph Limited Edition

by Brandon Cripps 03.28.2014

A few months ago, Hamilton let us get our hands on a unique new watch, unlike anything we’d seen before.  That watch – the Khaki Takeoff Auto Chrono Limited Edition…Read more »



A Guide to Super Compressors

by 03.24.2014

The term “Super Compressor” is one that is quite often misused these days. Most people associate Super Compressor (SC) with any watch that has dual crowns and an internal rotating…Read more »



Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer Automatic Review

by 01.29.2014

One of the cooler items to come out of BaselWorld 2012, in the accessible category, was the limited edition Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer. This 46mm, Unitas 6498-2 powered time piece…Read more »



Hamilton 2014 Preview

by 01.24.2014

While most horological eyes have been turned towards Geneva this week for SIHH 2014, a smaller, quieter, but no less exciting, unveiling occurred in frost bitten, snow sunken New York…Read more »



Affordable Vintage: Hamilton Valjoux 7730 Chronographs

by Brandon Cripps 12.09.2013

These vintage Swiss-made chronographs from a storied American brand combine great looks and quality mechanics at an affordable price.



Hamilton Khaki Pilot Pioneer Review

by 10.09.2013

Brands like Hamilton are very lucky. Throughout their lifetime, they have manufactured watches of every different type, many of which have earned an iconic status. Now, when they design a…Read more »



Time Spec: 1970′s British Military Asymmetrical Chronographs

by Brandon Cripps 10.07.2013

For over a decade, four companies – Hamilton, CWC, Newmark, and Precista – supplied simple, sturdy, 30-minute chronographs to the British military. Their classic black, 2-register dials, workhorse Valjoux 7733…Read more »


Hamilton Wrist Shot

The DoughBoy Watch Company

by James Enloe 10.04.2013

World War I soldiers, rather than carrying impractical pocket watches on fobs,  found it much more convenient to wear pocket watches attached to their wrists via leather straps. Pocket watches…Read more »



Time Spec: A Primer on Military Watches

by Brandon Cripps 09.10.2013

From the beginning of its existence, the watch has been an information tool, giving its wearer some piece of intelligence that he wouldn’t have on his own. Perhaps nowhere is…Read more »