Crowdfunding Follow-Up No. 2 – How’d They Do?

by James Enloe 04.21.2014

Back in mid-February we took a look at another batch of new watches and brands that were seeking initial funding via one of the crowdfunding methods. They have all gone…Read more »



Yes Man Watches

by 01.14.2014

Watches are beginning to become a dime-a-dozen thing on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. With all the new brand start-ups it can be difficult to make yourself stand out from…Read more »



Introducing the Mouve M01

by 01.09.2014

2014 is here and so are a new crop of watch brands trying to make their way into the world via kickstarter. Though it’s hard to say how long these…Read more »



Oblako Watches Stratus Project

by James Enloe 12.05.2013

There are a handful of options available for those who have the desire to own something of their own; a customized, one of a kind timepiece has a certain allure…Read more »



Introducing Rossling & Co.

by James Enloe 10.22.2013

High-quality, ultra thin, versatile, fashionable and affordable. Does that describe a watch you would like? If so, Rossling & Co. has something to show you. Rossling & Co. is a…Read more »



A Peek Inside the Padron Watch Company

by Ed Estlow 08.16.2013

The Padron Watch Company is a start-up operation in an office building located at the edge between a light industrial area and a residential neighborhood in Minneapolis, MN.



What Do a $59 and $15k Watch Have in Common? Crowd Sourcing

by 07.12.2013

Crowd sourcing… seems like everyone’s doing it these days. And, why not? It’s probably the best way ever to realize your dream project. And as we’ve seen a few times…Read more »



Sioux City Watches

by 06.18.2013

We don’t often talk about wooden watches on worn&wound… in fact, I believe this is a first time. While the use of interesting materials in watches is something we are…Read more »


blue_dial THUMB

The Lew & Huey Riccardo Needs a Kickstart

by 06.06.2013

We’re always glad to see people trying to make new and affordable mechanical watches, and we’re happy to help spread the word when they are using Kickstarter or other crowd-sourcing…Read more »