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Trending on Reddit: Man Discovers the Value of his Rolex GMT-Master, ref. 6542

These videos are always fun to find. Trending right now on Reddit is a clip …
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From Geneva to Venezuela, the Story Behind the Rolex 6634 Serpico Y Laino “Golden Egg”

On Christmas morning, one of my boys handed me a small box from under the tree, a box that was from my stepfather. I opened …
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Tudor Heritage Black Bay Black ref 79230N Review

Tudor really needs no introduction. The sister brand of Rolex, it carries with it a certain bravado that few other brands can match. One backed …

w&w Instagram Round-Up #51

It’s Saturday, so we’re back with our Instagram round-up featuring our favorite watch pics from the past week, including killer pieces from Omega, Tudor, Cartier, …

Chronography 9: Valjoux 72–The Driver’s Engine

Back when the Valjoux 72 was conceived, watchies didn’t fret on forums about the superiority of in-house over ébauche movements. After all, most watch companies …

w&w Instagram Round-Up #49

We’re back with our weekly Instagram round-up featuring some of our favorite watches from the past week. And don’t forget to follow our store @shop_wornandwound …

History of Chronometers Pt. 4: In-House and Beyond COSC

Since 1972, the Contrôle Officiel Suisse des Chronomètres, or COSC, has been the official Swiss regulatory body for chronometers, providing testing and certifications to much …