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Time Off the Wrist

Time Off the Wrist: Eclipse 2017

Timekeeping, as we’ve written about on Worn & Wound, extends far beyond the art of …

Time Off the Wrist: Points of Reference

Without going too deep and posing the question, “what is time?” I want to share some thoughts and tales about how we measure time or, …
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Time Off the Wrist: the Astronomical Clock of Prague

As we wrote a few weeks back, at the dawn of the 15th century much of Europe was divided into small, competitive city-states. Large-scale trading …

Time Off the Wrist: the Zytglogge of Bern

While mankind’s preoccupation with timekeeping is nearly as old as civilization itself, mechanical clockmaking didn’t really come into its own until the late Middle Ages/early-Renaissance. …

Time Off the Wrist: Stonehenge

We here at worn&wound are used to constantly thinking about time–after all, timekeeping is our business. However, the way in which most of us usually …