Trending on Reddit: Man Discovers the Value of his Rolex GMT-Master, ref. 6542

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These videos are always fun to find. Trending right now on Reddit is a clip from Antique Roadshow of a man discovering the true value of this Rolex GMT-Master, ref. 6542.ARS Rolex GMT 6542 - 2He purchased the watch in 1960 on the advice of his Sergeant, paying $120 for the piece. To put that into context, his salary in the army at the time was just under $100 a month. He kept the watch in immaculate condition, instinctually holding on to the very things collectors covet–box, papers and the original bracelet. I won’t spoil the end of the video, but let’s just say he was more than shocked to discover its true value.




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Ilya is worn&wound's Managing Editor and Video Producer. He believes that when it comes to watches, quality, simplicity and functionality are king. This may very well explain his love for German and military-inspired watches. In addition to watches, Ilya brings an encyclopedic knowledge of leather, denim and all things related to menswear.
  • thejames1

    This was a great video. I was worried the old fellow was about to fall over!

    • rfortson

      Me too. I think that was an example of being “gobsmacked”.

      I love that he was wearing a CBP watch, while his Rolex is worth a small fortune. 🙂 Good for him.

  • Easy

    wonderful! he seems like such a nice man too.

  • TopofNewYork

    Very cool

  • Jeffwb65

    This episode was on TV almost a year ago. I was kind of half-watching while web surfing, and when the watch was shown onscreen the first time I knew this gentleman was in for a big surprise. Still curious what He did after, hopefully a very lucrative auction.

  • Mark1884

    Great story! Really happy for the old timer. Glad he kept the whole package together.

  • Andrew Hughes

    Wow. I am glad someone told him the real value before some huckster stole it from him for $1500. Great story.

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