Vintage Driver Chrono by Straton Watch Co.

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If you are a fan of cars, racing and chronographs then the first Kickstarter project from Straton Watches may be worth your time. The new brand is launching today (Friday, July 31st) with their racing inspired Vintage Driver Chrono.

WristKyle, the founder of Straton Watch Company has taken his love of classic racing cars and worked to put that inspiration into the Vintage Driver Chrono. As the name indicates the watch is a chronograph which is powered by the increasingly popular Seiko Mecha-Quartz movement. As we have mentioned before the Mecha-Quartz movement provides the long-term accuracy of a quartz movement and a chronograph that functions as if a mechanical chronograph. Which means 1/5th of a second “sweep” of the center seconds hand and instant snap-back reset of the chronograph. The sub-dials of the watch are for 24 hour display (3 o’clock), running seconds for the time (6 o’clock) and a 60 minute chronograph register (9 o’clock).

OrangeBlack2The design of the Vintage Driver Chrono pulld elements of Kyle’s Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT. He took inspiration from the dash of the car when considering the design of the dial. The rally straps and bright colors of the NATO straps add to that racing element. The Vintage Driver Chrono measures in at 44mm in diameter with a lug-to-lug distance of 50mm; the watch is 12mm thick and has 26mm lugs. The bezel is knurled for appearance only as it does not have a secondary function. It adds some interest to the design over a plain polished or brushed bezel. The case will have PVD and stainless finished available to backers.

Dial Options2

The dial of the Vintage Driver Chrono has five color variations: black, blue, orange, grey and white. As mentioned above the dial has a 3, 6, 9 sub-dial layout for the chronograph minutes, running seconds and 24 hour hand. The dial printing is kept simple with just the brand name across the top of the dial below 12. All the hands, markers, number and even the logo are lumed. The crystal offered is a mineral crystal with a stretch goal to add Sapphire.

The Straton Vintage Driver Chrono is seeking 15,000chf (about $15,600 USD) to get the project underway. Stretch goals are listed for a new caseback design and the Sapphire crystal mentioned above. Pledges start at ~ $31 USD for a rally strap to contribute to the cause, and ~ $210 for the first 20 backers to get a Vintage Driver Chrono. You can hit up their Kickstarter campaign page to get more info and back the project.


Residing in North Idaho, James has been wearing a watch for over 35 years. With growth of the internet in the late 90s watches as an interest turned into an obsession. Since that time he has been a watch forum moderator, watch reviewer, contributor to Nerdist, and operates Watches in Movies in his spare time.
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  • Stephen Scharf

    Cool watches and I’m interested, particularly one with the NATO strap in Gulf-Wyer Racing colors. I had to laugh at the second photo though. No one would put an oily dipstick onto a really nice pair of leather driving gloves. Someone should talk to the art director about that! 😉

    • Kyle

      Thanks for the positive comments:) luckily i didnt get any oil on those gloves :-)))) regards Kyle Straton Watch Co.

      • Stephen Scharf

        Ha! Good to know! Nice photography…

  • chenpofu

    I do like the look. But the chronograph minute sub dial looks too similar to the running second one.

  • gimmelbop

    Rally strap, yes, nato strap, no.

  • bjs314

    The choice to use tan for the indices and branding on all the dials was wrong. The lighter color dials are hard to read. The black dial doesn’t match any of the straps provided. I agree with gimmelbop, the rally strap are preferable.

    • Kyle Schut

      Hi bjs314, thanks for your feedback. My response would be unfortunately I cannot please everyone:) I did an initial design and prototype, this process was about 3 months. After this I posted the designs of prototype is various watch groups and asked for feedback. I got lots of constructive critism and adjusted the design and then produced another set of final prototypes which took ankther 3 months and these are the ones you see in the photos. The striped NATO’s are an influence from the 70’s Le Mans racing teams, many people will not know this but for those who do they love these straps and the more reason for them to support my project, so I have many car or racing fans backing my project and not just people who like watches. For those who do not like the NATO’s I made sure I had another option the leather rally strap available in Black, Grey and Orange. Thanks again for your input! Best Regards, Kyle Straton Watch Co.

  • Никита

    Unfortunately, I didn’t like how this chronos look with NATO straps. But when I saw one with rally strap – I changed my mind, the black version looks not bad at all. Good luck to the campaign!

  • Jacob Jared Kenworthy

    I really don’t like the bezel knurling. If it was a timer bezel, that would be cool, but because it doesn’t actually do anything it just looks cheap.

  • Jeremy P

    After reading the faithful presentation, I don’t perceive the “Vintage” and the “Driver” part. If the vintage means a flieger type B design, perhaps it is. On the other hand, I do love the carry case might as well the gulf and martini straps. My best luck

    • Kyle Schut

      Hi Jeremy, thanks for your comment, by vintage i never meant for this to represent a vintage watch, the word vintage is relating to vintage cars like my Alfetta GT in the photos. Its not your traditional driver chrono as it doesnt have a tachymeter but it was never my intention to have a tachymeter. Im a huge fan of a knurled bezel which is why i wanted to incorporate that into the design. My mistake for the name but i think people are taking it literally in the watch world but thats completely understandable 🙂 regards Kyle Straton Watch Co.

      • Jeremy P

        I see. It’s a very fine Alfetta GT and watch nevertheless. I do own several racing inspired timepieces that comes with chronograph function without tachymeter and do not have any problem with that. my best luck

  • HP7

    Definitely way more creative and cohesive than anything Lew Huey or Rossling co have to offer as those watch designs are mainly homages.

    Nice to finally see some unique designs.

    • Kyle Schut

      Thank you for your comment, I know the design won’t be to everyone’s fancy, but so far the response has been great, I am really overwhelmed! Best Regards, Kyle Straton Watch Co.

  • r_s_g

    Borrows extensively from Maurice de Mauriac’s design language, including the serrated bezel.

  • john vittory

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  • Stevie Chantanu

    Cars and watches are always fun to see. I like the colours and how vintage these look. Congratulations on getting these funded!

  • Machteld

    Fors anyone know where I can buy this watch in the Netherlands?

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