wear&carry: From Bed to Brunch

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It’s happened to me a bunch of times…I’d successfully manage to spend the entire weekend planted on a couch surrounded by snacks, video game controllers, and a few frosty beverages.  Traded in all of my weekly worries for an aggressive campaign to level up my avatar and finish a pint of ice cream. Then Sunday morning roles around–groggy, foggy Sunday morning–and I get the call. Family or friends hadn’t heard from me all weekend and they want to do brunch. Up to this point, wear&carry has largely been about looking good while you’re out on the town, but what about gear to help you make the transition from bed-to-brunch without all the effort? Sure, you could just throw on that ratty t-shirt from college, but why not gear up and look sharp enough to stay in your man cave or run out for the obligatory social meal at the same time?

Shoes…it all starts with the shoes. Well, in this case we’re talking slippers. Sorry boys, it’s time to hang up the Homer Simpson face foot pillows that have been in your closet since age 13 and move on to the L. B. Evans Atlin slipper. Part boat shoe and part sherpa lined slipper goodness, these suede, soft leather, and molded rubber outsole slippers will keep your toes warm on the way to the bathroom or a casual restaurant downtown. Comfortable yes, but these things are no joke in the looks department either with two color ways to choose from in Saddle or Chocolate suede. Available online for $51.

Moving up, we’ll stop at perhaps the most crucial of lounge wear: the pajama pant. I like the recently released J. Crew Flannel Sleep Pant in Asphalt Microgingham because they meet all of the criteria of a perfect pajama pant, but don’t stop me from walking out of the house if I need to run out for a second. Soft (really soft), warm yet breathable, drawstring closure at the waist, and pockets make these asphalt grey bottoms perfect sleepwear that sharp enough to not give it away that you just rolled out of bed. Available online and in J. Crew stores for $45.

Let’s say brunch is at a little dressier restaurant, but you’re still not willing to part with your flannel comfort. Take a minute to swap on a pair of L. L. Bean Wrinkle-Resistant Flannel Lined Corduroy pants instead. These easy maintenance slacks don’t require an iron and are lined with flannel for added warmth and comfort. It’ll be like you’re still in pajamas, but look respectably dressed at the same time. Available online from L. L. Bean for $79.

It’s cold, it’s the holiday season, and it just wouldn’t be right to not have a little festive accent in our bed-to-brunch arsenal. Look right at home next to your pre-lit tree with the Polo Ralph Lauren Reindeer Mock Neck Sweater. Knit in a cotton-and-linen blend, it’s a nice enough sweater to wear with a tie, but still comfortable enough to throw on top of a t-shirt and sleep in. Available online for $195.

Rushing from under the covers and out the door? Throw your phone, wallet, and other necessary gear in the Pendleton Woolen Mills Heroic Chief backpack. It’s the perfect accessory to lug your gear around if you do end up going out. Made from wool, cotton, and some handsome brown leather, this drawstring backpack looks as good with jeans as it does our early riser get-up ensemble. It measures 19.75″H x 12.75″W x 5.5″D and is available online directly from Pendleton for $218.

To round out this list of great lounge gear is the cherry on top and perhaps the most essential symbol of wintery relaxation–the blanket. Not just any blanket though. This one is 86% wool and 14% cotton, 72″ x 66″ large, and built tough enough to throw down on the bare ground. It is none other than the Best Made Co. Lumberlander Camp Blanket. Each blanket comes with a Best Made Co. leather blanket sling for travel friendliness. That’s right. Take this show on the road and sleep on the cab ride over. Available online from Best Made Co. for $180.

That does it for this week’s picks. I look forward to a weekend of Homeland marathons in my new gear. And if someone does call me up last minute on Sunday, you can bet your eggs benedict I’ll be there too.

By, Tom Caruso

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