The worn&wound Podcast Episode 10: Talking American Watchmaking with Ian Schon

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Schon DSGN is a one-man shop out of Boston founded in 2011. A product designer and engineer by trade, owner Ian Schon produces a curated selection of wares in-house, and what he doesn’t he sources out to local manufacturers. Schon DSGN is perhaps best known for its series of classic, machined pens. A few years back, however, Ian decided to dip a toe in designing and creating his own watch. What began as a fun side project is now his full-time job.

In episode 10 of The worn&wound Podcast, we sit down with Ian to discuss engineering, design, and watch manufacturing in America, and what the future might hold in store for American watchmakers.

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Ilya is worn&wound's Managing Editor and Video Producer. He believes that when it comes to watches, quality, simplicity and functionality are king. This may very well explain his love for German and military-inspired watches. In addition to watches, Ilya brings an encyclopedic knowledge of leather, denim and all things related to menswear.
  • Lord Dunsany

    GREAT EPISODE. I think you were getting really close to an entirely different conversation about why American manufacturing hasn’t been willing or able to break (back) into this arena. Although I loathe the term “bespoke” I think we’ll be relying on the microbrands to define what it is to be an American watch manufacturer for some time. I asked myself at the end, “Why would any manufacturer in this country want to make a serious investment in this?” Money is the obvious answer, but is there more to it? Do we lack confidence? I don’t know. We have the capability. Ian touched on this a bit when discussing overseas vendors vs. American. Interesting to hear about his process, it’s heartening that there’s someone out there who is trying. BUT he has to move past geeking out, and channel that into real investment…as he said “silent victories” force him in some way to remain at the hobby level.

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