The worn&wound Podcast Episode 6: Interview with Etienne Malec of Baltic Watches

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We’re back with Episode 6 of The worn&wound Podcast. Today, Zach and Blake talk to Etienne Malec, founder of Baltic Watches. If you spend any time on Instagram, then you’ve surely seen the upcoming collection from this burgeoning brand. These classically-styled watches–initially to be offered in a time-only variant and a two-register mechanical chronograph variant–are going to hit Kickstarter tomorrow, and having handled the watches ourselves we expect them to be a big hit.

But before you go and back these watches that are sure to scratch your vintage itch, tune in to our interview with Etienne, who discusses his inspirations, design processes, and experiences manufacturing a watch.

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  • Garrett Hu

    Stunning watches, just two nick picks; I am not sure about Bicompax Manuel and in some of the images looks like a bezel is missing. I like the design a lot but it just made me look at it twice.

  • crezo

    I never even knew you had a podcast until now… And what a great episode to come in on.

    I’ve been following Baltic for some time on Instagram and to listen to an interview with the creator is fantastic. Really well done and you’ve definitely got a new subscriber !

  • Brian Jensen

    I had never heard of Baltic before this interview, but these are some seriously nice looking watches. Very classy!

  • cmr

    Really enjoying the Worn&Wound podcast, and this interview with Mr Malec from Baltic is great – really interesting stuff.
    Amazing to see them really smash it out the park when the Kickstarter launched yesterday! I wish them every success.

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