w&w Instagram Round-Up with an IWC Flieger Chronograph 3706, Sinn 903, and More

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We’re back with another Instagram round-up featuring our 10 favorite watch snaps you guys brought to our attention. This week we have some great picks, from a Sinn 903 to a killer vintage Lemania chronograph. But before we get to the watches, we’d like to thank everyone who participated and tagged #wornandwound and #wandwshop this past week. Don’t forget to follow the rules below to be considered for the next one.

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Back to the round-up. To be featured, the rules are simple:
a. Follow us on Instagram.
b. Include the hashtags #wornandwound and #wandwshop, or tag us at @wornandwound.
c. Post a watch related photo. It doesn’t have to be a watch on your wrist, but watches should be at the core of the image.
d. Be awesome (naturally).

Let’s get to it!

86-kitwegeorge-IWC Flieger Chronograph 3706
@kitwegeorge – IWC Flieger Chronograph 3706
86-bristol411s5-Vintage Lemania Chronograph
@bristol411s5 – Vintage Lemania Chronograph
86-bones_13-Lemania Royal Australian Navy Monopusher
@bones_13 – Lemania Royal Australian Navy Monopusher
86-muzzy_watch-Sinn 903
@muzzy_watch – Sinn 903
86-nomiesforlife-Nomos Zurich Weltzeit
@nomiesforlife – Nomos Zurich Weltzeit
86-thr3e6ixfiv5-Bulova military watch
@thr3e6ixfiv5 – Bulova military watch
86-watchesandscotch-Omega Speedmaster Model 1
@watchesandscotch – Omega Speedmaster on a Model 1 Rye
86-watchonthewrist2016-Seiko Nano Universe
@watchonthewrist2016 – Seiko x Nano Universe
86-zapokee-Eterna Eterna-Matic Centenaire
@zapokee – Eterna Centenaire
86-zenith_daniel-Rolex Air-King 5504
@zenith_daniel – Rolex Air-King 5504
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w&w Instagram Round-Up with a Sinn 903, Seiko MM300 and More

Morning, everyone. We’re back with another Instagram round-up featuring our …