w&w Instagram Round-Up with a Sinn U1, Omega Speedmaster and More

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We’re back with another Instagram round-up featuring our 10 favorite watch snaps you guys brought to our attention. This week we have some great picks, from a creamy-lumed Speedmaster belonging to our very own Zach Weiss, to a different sort of Moon Watch from Bulova (you can read more about the new one here). But before we get to the watches, we’d like to thank everyone who participated and tagged #wornandwound and #wandwshop this past week. Don’t forget to follow the rules below to be considered for the next one.

Also, follow the @shop_wornandwound account to see our full selection of American-made straps and watch accessories. We’ve got some great stuff coming in 2017, so stay tuned for that. And a small reminder that we recently launched The worn&wound Podcast. If you haven’t done so yet, you can follow us on most major podcast platforms. And if you like what we’re doing, please leave us a review.

Back to the round-up. To be featured, the rules are simple:
a. Follow us on Instagram.
b. Include the hashtags #wornandwound and #wandwshop, or tag us at @wornandwound.
c. Post a watch related photo. It doesn’t have to be a watch on your wrist, but watches should be at the core of the image.
d. Be awesome (naturally).

zsw - Speedmaster ref. 3592.50
Our very own @zsw with his new-to-him Speedmaster ref. 3592.50
thejames80 - Sinn U1
@thejames80 – Sinn U1



r88tbeer - Cyma
@r88tbeer – Cyma Watersport
ministry_of_insanity - Bulova Moon Watch
@ministry_of_insanity – Bulova Moon Watch 1.0 (with 2.0 on @ryvini’s wrist in the back)
magnanimouse - Meistersinger No.2
@magnanimouse – Meistersinger No.2
kingsandaces - Grand Seiko sbgr071
@kingsandaces – Grand Seiko sbgr071



eddywijaya85 - Seiko 6139-8021
@eddywijaya85 – Seiko 6139-8021
chadwright - Hamilton Khaki Day Date
@chadwright – Hamilton Khaki Day Date
evanbluntsnake - CWC chronograph
@evanbluntsnake – CWC chronograph
Kerensky73 - Junghans Meister Driver
@Kerensky73 – Junghans Meister Driver




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  • Никита

    MeisterSinger is simply gorgeous

  • egznyc

    When was the Hamilton shown here manufactured? It’s a great looking dial.

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