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The worn&wound Podcast Episode 7: Listener Questions #1

We’re back with episode 7 of The worn&wound Podcast. This time around, we’re answering your …
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The worn&wound Podcast Episode 6: Interview with Etienne Malec of Baltic Watches

We’re back with Episode 6 of The worn&wound Podcast. Today, Zach and Blake talk to Etienne Malec, founder of Baltic Watches. If you spend any …

The worn&wound Podcast: Baselworld Postmortem

So now that we’ve had some space to recover post-Baselworld 2017, we thought it was a good time to get Ilya, Zach and Blake to …

The worn&wound Podcast: Day 4 of the Baselworld Chronicles 2017

Our third podcast episode covering the last day of Baselworld 2017 is now up. In it, Blake and Ilya cover releases from Mido, Omega, Rado …

The worn&wound Podcast: Days 2 and 3 of the Baselworld Chronicles 2017

Our second podcast episode covering days two and three of Baselworld 2017 is now up. Just like day one, the last two days were packed …

The worn&wound Podcast: Day 1 of the Baselworld Chronicles 2017

The latest episode of The worn&wound Podcast is now up, and it covers our first day at Baselworld 2017. As we expected, day one was …

Announcing the Launch of The worn&wound Podcast

Hey, worn&wound fans! Today, we’re really excited to announce the launch of The worn&wound Podcast. Each week, we’ll cover the latest news and reviews on …