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Generally speaking, we are minimalist types here at w&w, but sometimes something comes along that, despite being way over the top, is worth sharing. The RocK by Stuckx is such a watch… or, concept for a watch. Is it pretty? no. Is it sensible? not especially. Is it unique? Definitely. The RocK wasn’t designed with practical needs in mind. Rather, it’s a watch by dive watch enthusiasts (and retailers) who wanted to make something they had been dreaming about…something kind of outrageous. Wether you like it or not, this is definitely a conversation piece.


While trends seem to be shifting back towards smaller watches, the RocK is firmly a giant watch. It’s cone shaped case measures 54mm at the base, 45mm at the bezel. It packs a 6mm thick sapphire crystal and stands a door-jam smacking 21mm tall off the wrist. Though monstrous, the case design is also clever. Instead of traditional lugs, or even spring bars, there are slots straight through the shrouds of metal, allowing 26mm pass through straps to fit. The sides are then cut out in a wrist-esque profile, allowing for the watch to hold on tight. The tapering cone transitions seamlessly into a thick bezel, that I imagine would be very easy to grasp.


The RocK is planned to be made of titanium, which will hopefully temper what would otherwise be a very heavy watch. That said, with a 6mm sapphire, a mechanical movement (make unspecified) and it’s generally vast proportions, it’s not going to be light either. Though still in rendering and prototyping phase, the RocK is planned to have a 100 BAR water resistance, which is about 1,000M. It’s also possibly the first watch ever to be packing not one, but two helium escape valves.


Regarding the double helium escape valves, this is what Stuckx has to say: “Like a spoiler on a Muscle Car. Will it go faster? Nope. Does it look sweeeeet? Yes. Grin.” Rock on gentlemen, rock on. There is something unabashedly FU about their approach, that I can’t help but find it charming. This isn’t a watch they are making to see on the wrists of cool kids, it’s one they wanted for themselves, but are making available to the public as well. So, why not have two helium escape valves? You don’t actually need one.


As far as the dial goes, the current design is clearly 70’s inspired. Applied markers, chapter rings, burnt orange tones, blues, etc… The case too, in it’s own way, is retro feeling, in that its lug-less design speaks to barrel shaped cases. They make a point to say that everything they do will have some flair, some color. If a dial is black, it will have a sunburst or other texture.


This isn’t a watch for everyone. Heck, it’s a watch for probably only a few… but I’m sure some people out there are reading this article right now getting all hot and bothered about this tapering titanium tool watch…so this one’s for you. That said, they plan on pricing it at under 1,000 Euros, making it more accessible. Currently, there are no dates set, and I have a feeling they are fairly early on in the overall process. For more info, check out Stuckx on Facebook.

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