The Newest Watch in G-Shock’s MR-G Series is Inspired by Samurai Armor and Celebrates an Important Anniversary

G-Shock’s latest release in the MR-G line, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, is a watch that is truly fit for a samurai. The MRG-B2000BS-3A, is inspired by Hana-Basara samurai armor, and carries a price tag that will make your head spin if you see G-Shock primarily as a maker of value driven beaters that exist to be abused. The MR-G line, however, is all about serious craft, and gives G-Shock an opportunity to dabble in both traditional and non-traditional watchmaking techniques with a unique spin that is all their own. 

The inspiration for this watch comes from the armor of Basara samurai, which can be seen in the bold colors and metal work that is key to this MR-G release. At a glance, this watch might look a lot like other full metal G-Shocks, but as is always the case, the devil is in the details. The bezel, for instance, is made of an alloy called Cobarion, which G-Shock claims is four times harder than pure titanium, and said to have a luster similar to platinum. It also takes a polish more like a precious metal than titanium or steel, which is something G-Shock has taken advantage of, and extended to other elements of the watch as well. The idea here was to create a watch that radiates light in the same way as a samurai sword. Is that a little hokey? Sure, but we’re talking about an $8,000 G-Shock here – to even begin to get on board with this watch, you have to be OK with something that’s a little imaginative and fanciful. 

The titanium bracelet has been rendered in a color called kurogane-iro, which is meant to evoke the color of traditional Japanese iron work, such as that used in the helmets worn by Basara samurai. It’s been given a dark green DLC finish that contrasts with the brown Arc IP finish of the titanium case. On the dial, the hour markers have been subtly curved to evoke a samurai sword, and colored in such a way as to pay tribute to Basara armor. Also worth noting: the edge of the case is engraved with “25th LIMITED” to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the MR-G line. 

On the technical side, this is a watch with the full suite of features you’d expect to find a modern, connected G-Shock, including solar charging capabilities, a Super LED light to illuminate the display, and Bluetooth connectivity that supports automatic time adjustment. But let’s be honest, here: this isn’t a knock around G-Shock for the gym or a job that necessitates a true tool watch. While we imagine it’ll certainly withstand shock and impact as well as any G-Shock, this is a watch for collectors and connoisseurs of the brand who seek the highest level of finishing that the brand offers. It helps, too, if the storytelling aspect resonates. 

The MRG-B2000BS-3A will be available in July through G-Shock retailers. As mentioned above, the retail price is $8,000. G-Shock

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