The Worn & Wound Podcast Ep. 55: Collecting Seiko, Military, and Vintage Tool Watches with Jon Gaffney (Follow-Up)

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A few weeks backs, we published the second installment of our video series, My Watch. The focus of that episode was Jon Gaffney. Jon is a long-standing contributor to the site, often field testing and covering watches that can take a knock or two. Jon’s also written for numerous other publications, among them Gear Patrol, Valet Mag, Huckberry, ITS Tactical, and he’s currently the Director of Marketing and Sales for Iron & Air magazine.

Jon at Glacier Grey in Patagonia (from his Instagram; photo by @galestraub).

But due to the limitations of a 10-minute video, we wanted to get Jon to come on the Podcast to flesh out the story of his collection, and to follow up on how his watch obsession has grown since we shot the segment.

This week’s episode is brought to you by Hamilton Watch.

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Show Notes

Jon with a Gen 3 MK II Paradive on an Erika’s Original MN band.
Ilya with a Seiko SKX007 on a Strapcode Jubilee.
Raven 40mm Vintage (via Jon’s Instagram).
MK II Gen 2 Paradive.
Zodiac Sea Wolf (via Jon’s Instagram).
Scubapro 500
Three Seikos—ref. 6218-8971, 6117-8000, 6105-8000 (via Jon’s Instagram).
Seiko MAC-V/SOG ref. 6619-8280.
This is the house account for Worn & Wound. We use it on general articles about us, the site and our products.
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