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Finding a watch for under $100 dollars isn’t really a challenge. Just go to Amazon, sort by price and voilá. However, finding a good watch for under $100 takes a little more research and perhaps a bit of trial and error. So, being the good guys we are, we have begun compiling a list of our favorite watches for under $100. This isn’t a “best of” type thing, since “best of” doesn’t really mean anything…rather, this is simply an ever-growing list of our selections.

1. Seiko 5 Automatic MilitaryPurchased for $89.00 off of Amazon; this steal of a watch sports an automatic movement (!!!) with bi-lingual day and date, a field watch inspired face that is elegant and stylish, a transparent case back so you can admire the movement and an overall excellent build quality. Available in Khaki (shown) blue, green or black (prices vary on the other colors, but you can find them all for under $100 if you do some digging), I am certain that no matter which color you choose, you will be happy with this purchase. Also, I recommend getting an 18mm NATO strap in contrasting colors to emphasize the watches’ styling.

*check out our full review here

2. Bulova 96A102 Hack watch reissue This very handsome Bulova runs for around $78.00 on Amazon. If you are looking for an inexpensive vintage military watch, then this is the watch for you. It is a reissue of a Bulova “Hack” watch that was actually worn in WW2, so you can be sure the styling is authentic and purposeful. The watch runs off of a Japanese quartz (Miyota, I presume), is well built and looks great with casual dress.

3.Timex Camper Black
I bought this watch for 22 bucks but it is currently available (05/29/11)…yes on Amazon (noticed a trend in my budget watch shopping?)… for $18.85… Let that sit in for a second… Done? Ok, just buy it. It is cheap, feels cheap, but looks great and is basically disposable. Warning: some fashion sites sell this for $50 bucks…that is highway robbery: you have been warned.
4. Nixon Time Teller P (the P stands for Polyurethane!)
For $50 – $60 bucks you can get one of these great watches. A personal favorite for its mix of bright fun colors, toy-like chunkiness, durability and value, I am positive that any owner of this watch will grow very fond of it, as well as the attention and affection it draws. It has a Japanese quartz movement, mineral crystal and, from experience, great battery life. Keep an eye on these throughout the year too, if you don’t like the colors now, in a season there will be more.

5. Timex Men’s T2N227 Analog Silver-Tone Case Black Leather Strap Dress Watch Despite the awfully wordy title, what makes this watch so nice is its simplicity. Clean white face, big bold numbers, cut-out hands, day date, polished steel case and indiglo function. Buy a nice 18 mm army green NATO, throw out the cheap leather “dress strap” that comes with, and you have a watch that looks a lot more valuable than $32 dollars.

6.BONUS POST! Orient Chief
The list price on orientwatchusa.com says $175, but this not the case. There is at any point multiple 50% off coupon codes available…try executive50 or OrientUSA50 to start… if those don’t work check out their twitter… seriously, these guys always have discounts going…Anyway, this watch is elegant and classic, has an automatic movement (Orient is one of the few brands with affordable in-house movements) with long-form day and date, and though I haven’t had a hands on, the Orient brand has a great reputation, leading to believe this is a great find. Available in a variety of colors and with leather or metal bracelets, but I’d personally go for the black face with leather band option.

image from Orient Watch USA

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