Editorial Policy

We do not accept watches, goods or any other form of payment in exchange for positive reviews on Worn & Wound.

We do generate income though display advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsored content. All advertising and sponsored content is clearly labeled in order to not confuse or deceive readers.

Sponsors do not influence Worn & Wound content. In the case of sponsored content, while the sponsoring brand may provide images, video or other elements, all opinions expressed are that of Worn & Wound and we publish all content at our own discretion.

We are very selective about which watches and products we review and discuss on Worn & Wound. We reserve and regularly exercise the right to refuse coverage of any products at our discretion.

We do conduct giveaways for Worn & Wound readers on the site. We post rules for each contest, which are binding on contestants who decide to participate. Giving away watches or other products does not represent an implicit endorsement of that product by Worn & Wound.

We also generate income from the sale of products in the Worn & Wound Shop. We do make mention of our products on wornandwound.com to promote these products.