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The Worn & Wound Podcast is a weekly discussion of watches. Each week, we’ll cover the latest news and reviews on, bring you our first-hand account of watch events from around the world, and occasionally sit down with our friends and colleagues from the watch industry to get their take on the latest in watches.


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Ep. 69: Answering Your Vintage Watch Questions

Ep. 68: DTWs, or Dressy Tool Watches

Ep. 67: Interviews with Mido CEO Franz Linder and Vortic Co-Founder RT Custer

Ep. 66: Pairing the Right Watch to the Occasion

Ep. 65: Wind^Up San Francisco Preview

Ep. 64: The Role of “Luck’ in Collecting Watches

Ep. 63: Listener Questions

Ep. 62: SCUBA Diving in Belize with Four Popular Dive Watches (Follow Up)

Ep. 61: From Switzerland to New Zealand

Ep. 60: 10 Great Watches Between $1,500 and $2,000

Baselworld 2018—Instagram Live Q&A

Baselworld 2018—MeisterSinger, Omega, and Nomos

Baselworld 2018—Day One Does Not Disappoint

Baselworld 2018—Welcome to “Tudorworld”

Ep. 55: Collecting Seiko, Military, and Vintage Tool Watches with Jon Gaffney (Follow-Up)

Ep. 54: Sylvain Dolla, CEO of Hamilton Watch Company

Ep. 53: Monta’s Michael DiMartini and Justin Kraudel

Ep. 52: Ryan Schmidt, Author of “The Wristwatch Handbook”

Ep. 51: Patina, Fauxtina, and Aged Watches

Ep. 50: Detroit Watch Company’s Patrick and Amy Ayoub

Ep. 49: SIHH and Red Bar with Adam Craniotes

Ep. 48: Autodromo’s Bradley Price

Ep. 47: NAWCC, Swiss Icons, and Entry-Level Luxury

Ep. 46: Jason Lim of Halios Watches

Ep. 45: Want This? Get This!

Ep. 44: Year in Review 2017

Ep. 43: Talking Gavox with Michael Happé

Ep. 42: Matthew Hranek, Author of “A Man and His Watch”

Ep. 41: Seiko “Mini-Turtles,” Wildcards, and High-End Watches

Ep. 40: Talking NOMOS with Merlin Schwertner, VP of NOMOS USA

Ep. 39: Thanksgiving Break – Recommended Listening

Ep. 38: Baselworld in Decline?

Ep. 37 Timex and Shinola Go Mechanical

Ep. 36: Vintage Heuer and Buying Used with Hamilton Powell

Ep. 35: 10 Great Watches Between $1,000 and $1,500

Ep. 34: Wind^Up Watch Fair Preview!

Ep. 33: Jackson Flyback Chrono and Fantasy Affordable Complications

Ep. 32: Interview with Raymond Weil CEO Elie Bernheim

Bonus Episode: What Went Into Creating the American-Made ADPT Strap

Ep. 30: How W&W Got Started

Ep. 29: Zenith Defy Lab and Apple Watch Series 3

Ep. 28: A Good Week for Chronograph Lovers

Ep. 27: A Chat with ICON’s Jonathan Ward

Ep. 26: A Chat with Andreas Bentele of Fortis Watches

Ep. 25: Listener Questions – Bezel Action, One-Brand Collections, Quartz and More

Ep. 24: A Chat with WatchRecon Creator and Collector Sammy Sy

Ep. 23: Listener Questions – Strap Monsters, Vintage/Secondhand Versus New, and More

Ep. 22: 10 Great Watches Between $500 and $1,000

Ep. 21: A Chat with Chase Fancher of Oak & Oscar