Aevig Brings Retro Flair To The GMT With New Thule

Sometimes, you can tell a lot about a watch just from the name alone. The Duneshore Shallows for instance, is every bit as dramatic as the name implies, same goes for the Orange Monster, and Gorilla Thunderbolt. The Netherlands based brand Aevig sets a similar expectation with watches like the Huldra, Valkyr, and Thor (which is, ironically, a dress watch). Aevig is a brand we’ve been following since 2014, and their first project in 2022 is the launch of a GMT equipped Thule, or Thyïlea as labeled on the dial. As far as dramatic names go, this one doesn’t disappoint, but does the watch live up to the expectation? 

The name, Thule, may conjure images of a mythical island in the far north, beyond the borders of this world, as the literal meaning of the word implies. However, the (less common spelling) Thyïlea printed on the bottom of the dial is simply meant to remind you that “no matter what the goal is, it is about the journey.” That journey, in this case here in the real world, is to the late ‘60s, where this watch takes inspiration from retro television designs for its unique shape. Ok, so it’s more bell bottoms than borders to a new world, but a noble destination nonetheless.


The Thule features a square-ish case that measures 39mm wide and 48.5mm from end to end. The case and bracelet are constructed from titanium that gets a matte finish all around, pushing all attention to the dial, which sits in a TV shaped frame. Creating this window for the dial leads to a slightly unusual case design, with walls that slope out and away toward the lug leaving plenty of empty real estate along the way for the end link to fill. The odd shape sits, well, a bit odd to be frank, but it certainly makes for an interesting object in the hand. 

Thankfully, the dimensions are great (did I mention it’s a touch over 11mm thick?) and the material is light so in actual use, much can be forgiven here. The dial turns up the funky retro vibe with a smoked gradient treatment emanating from light to dark through a sunburst pattern that can be had in blue or brown colorways. It’s a handsome effect that is accentuated by the steep rehaut and applied hour markers recessed within, each of which lend plenty of depth to the dial. 

This Thule offers a GMT complication, with a 24 hour hand treated to a blue or orange accent color to complement the dial. The 24 hour indications are slotted between those applied hour markers, printed in white and representing each odd hour from 1 to 23. This execution takes a little getting used to, but works perfectly fine without the need for a bezel or separate 24 hour track. It also earns the dial a nifty, offset “GMT” label set between the 5 and 6 o’clock markers.

Aevig is using the Sellita SW330-2 for the Thule GMT, which means you’ll get an independently adjustable 24 hour hand, so it’s not one of those GMTs but it’s still plenty useful and should be familiar to many at this price point. 

In use, the Thule rocks a unique charm without shame, and if you’re sick of seeing the same trends recycled in the micro-brand space, you’ll find something to love here from Aevig. The fit and finish is about on par with what you’d expect for the $870 pre-order price at which the watch is currently being offered. It’s a sports watch according to Aevig, but it feels more cross genre than that would imply. I’d place it somewhere in the funky informal wear section, but more importantly, it’s another stone in the already formidable Netherlands based watchmaking scene. Here’s hoping they can keep at it. Aevig.

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