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Alpina Supports Outdoor Adventure with NPF Partnership and Their AlpinerX Watch

Alpina is often credited as the maker of “the original Swiss sports watch,” and it’s that long held spirit of adventure and exploration that has led to their latest partnership, and their latest watch. This fall, Alpina announced a partnership with the National Parks Foundation (NPF), the official non-profit partner of the National Park Service. Alpina has been committed to supporting outdoor adventure since the brand’s inception 135 years ago, so the partnership with the NPF feels like a natural choice for the brand.

In supporting the mission of the NPF, Alpina hopes to engage Americans in support of the National Park system. You can expect Alpina and the NPF to work together in the coming years to build an awareness around the huge variety of recreational activities that national parks offer. Camping, hiking, and exploring the multitudes of rivers and trails in the National Park system are just the beginning. There are many ways, in and out of National Parks to enjoy all that the outdoors has to offer. Just as one example, November 17th was “National Take a Hike Day.” The point in celebrating a day like this is to recognize that wherever you are, there’s something new to explore, even if it’s your own backyard. Alpina and NPF share a goal of simply getting people outside, ready to discover new things, and to inspire a new generation of outdoor enthusiasts.

Mount Rainier; photo via NPS.

Alpina’s series of outdoor adventure watches underscore why the partnership between the storied Swiss brand the NPF is such a good fit. The AlpinerX collection is a series of sports watches with combination analog/digital displays, and a suite of features that help the user commune more harmoniously with the outdoors.

The functions list for these watches is long, and goes way beyond the obvious compass bezel that is easily spotted on first glance. The AlpinerX is a Horological Smartwatch, a concept that marries traditional watchmaking design with all the connected features users expect in a modern smartwatch. Many of those features will be invisible most of the time, but all can be accessed through the crown, and are fully supported through an app that can be used on most smartphones. It’s a best of both worlds option for watch lovers who enjoy real horology, but want the added feature sets of connected timepieces.

The AlpinerX, through sensors on the caseback, can monitor your heart rate and track your sleeping habits. It can also provide dynamic coaching to help get you in shape. These types of fitness applications are common enough in the smartwatch landscape, but what sets the AlpinerX apart are the features tuned to it being used outdoors. The watch employs a UV Indicator, altimeter, thermometer, and a barometer. It’s perfectly suited to exploring any National Park, or other outdoor destinations closer to home.

Of course, no matter how full featured a watch like this is, it’s not going to matter if you don’t find it attractive when you check the time. The AlpinerX is a good looking timepiece in each of its colorways, including the black and tan version featured here. All include a case fashioned from black fiberglass and stainless steel, in a confidence inspiring 45mm diameter. There are variations through the line in handset and bezel color (red highlights or pure white for the hands, blacked out or silver tone for the bezel). The 12, 3, 6, 9 layout on the dial is a natural choice for a watch designed with outdoor explorers in mind, and the digital display at the bottom of the dial is nicely integrated and totally unobtrusive.

The AlpinerX is available now at a suggested retail price of $995, and is a great companion for any outdoor adventure. To learn more about Alpina’s partnership with the NPF, click here.

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