Archimede Celebrates their 20th Anniversary with a Special Edition of their Outdoor Protect

I will always have a soft spot for Archimede. Fun fact: an Archimede chronograph was the first video review I ever shot for Worn & Wound. This has always been a brand that offers a noticeably higher quality product than many of its competitors within its price point, largely riding on the strength of the incredibly well machined Ickler cases. Now, for the brand’s 20th anniversary, they’ve issued a limited run of their popular Outdoor Protect sports watch with a hardened DLC case and a small Easter egg that drives home the “outdoor” theme of the hybrid sports/field watch. 


While Archimede is known primarily for their traditional pilot watches, the Outdoor line veers into a style more in line with funky sports watches from the 1970s. The case has a lugless design and gentle curves, and is one of those designs that just looks like it’s going to be comfortable when you get it on your wrist. Over the years, Archimede has updated the Outdoor in various ways, offering new case sizes, and adding a chronograph complication, but the basic gist of the watch has always been simple, sporty legibility with just a little bit of 1970s funk. The “Outdoor” moniker underscores the watch’s durability and the intention behind it: to be used as part of an active lifestyle. They didn’t call it the “Office” for a reason. 

For the new limited run of Outdoor Protects seen here, Archimede has sand blasted the case, which measures 39mm, with a black DLC coating that gives the watch a matte finish all around. There are three dial variants: basic black, a tan color Archimede refers to as “Sahara,” and “Black Forest,” a deep green. The black dial has high contrast white dial accents, while the others feature tan lume to bring out the Outdoor’s vintage vibes. The Outdoor runs on an ETA 2824 movement, with a date window cut at 3:00. 

These anniversary Outdoor Protects also come equipped with a mini compass from SUUNTO, which is designed to be clipped to the canvas watch strap. It subtly reinforces the reason these watches exist, and, even if you don’t make use of it on a regular basis, adds an interesting visual element to the watch on the wrist. 

The Anniversary editions of the Outdoor Protect are available now through the Archimede website. The retail price is €1,280. Archimede

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