Awake Concepts Returns with a New Pair of Limited Editions Sporting Meteorite Dials

We first wrote about Awake last year, when they launched the very high concept Mission to Earth, a blockchain enabled, NASA co-branded watch that really sought to tell a very specific story about space exploration. I was a fan of that watch, mostly for the way it unapologetically leaned in to those larger themes, becoming what I suspect is a watch that was more sought after by NASA collector types than traditional watch enthusiasts. Their latest watch, dubbed “Time Travelers,” but also part of the Mission to Earth series has a similar point of view but a very different aesthetic, and in some ways feels a bit more coherent in how it gets its very specific message across. 


Time Travelers is all about exploring the origins of our solar system through meteorites, the small asteroid fragments that are older than our planet and continue to teach us quite a bit about the nature of how planets and life were formed. Unsurprisingly, the centerpiece of this watch is its meteorite dial, crafted from a sliver of the Muonionalusta meteorite that struck the surface of our planet over one million years ago. The unique striations seen on a meteorite dial can’t be reproduced naturally on earth, and in addition to adding an element of poetry to an object whose primary concern is the passage of time, they also just look incredibly cool, and have a visual impact that is a lot fun.

The case of the Time Travelers watch is crafted from recycled titanium, and will be available in two colors. A gray version is matched to a gray meteorite dial for a monochromatic look, and a purple coated case is paired with a black dial for something a little more dynamic and contemporary. With both variants, the case measures 40mm in diameter and is water resistant to 100 meters, and it’s fitted with a screw down crown and display caseback through which you can view the Miyota 9015 movement that powers the watch. Awake notes that the case (as well as the hands and markers) are subtly different from previous Mission to Earth efforts. The case lines on the Time Traveler appear just a little more graceful and softer than the angular construction we saw on last year’s model. In any event, a watch with a meteorite dial effectively has one job: highlight the meteorite dial. There’s certainly nothing distracting about the Time Traveler case that would take our attention away from the main event. 

As with Awake’s previous efforts, this one features an NFT that allows the owner to unlock some unique functionality. The promise here is that owners will be able to view the earth through a link to ISS cameras, and also give them the opportunity to “travel through space and time seeking out meteorites in the Milky Way.” They are not entirely clear on how that will be done, but there are various services that the public has access to that track meteorites.

Each variant is limited to 500 pieces, and carries a retail price of €1,325. Check out the Awake website for more information.

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