Bell & Ross Collaborates with the Alpine F1 Team for a New Take on the BR 05 Chronograph

The latest in the ever expanding lineup of the Bell & Ross BR 05 collection, their popular integrated bracelet sports watch, is a new chronograph reference featuring the colors of the Alpine F1 team, a Bell & Ross partner since 2016, when the team operated under the Renault banner. This is a follow up to a trio of 2021 releases marking the inaugural year of Alpine’s involvement on the F1 circuit, a set of chronographs that still make a lot of sense given the motorsport connection. The new watch builds on the aesthetic established by those that have come before it, combining the distinctive Alpine colorway with an integrated bracelet platform that has proven to be surprisingly durable and adaptable since it was launched in 2020.


The phrase that comes up over and over again in Bell & Ross marketing materials for the BR 05 is “sport chic,” and we have to admit, it fits the bill. These are not pure sports or tool watches in the sense that we’ve always understood them. They’re made, primarily, to look nice. They have well executed integrated bracelets, eye-catching finishing with dramatic transitions between brushed and polished surfaces, and an overall slender appearance. That’s the “chic.” The “sport” comes in the form of the watch’s specs, which put it on equal footing with its more tool watch focused companions in the Bell & Ross collection. The case and bracelet are made from stainless steel, water resistance is rated to 100 meters with a screw down crown, and it has an imposing 42mm wide footprint. It’s also, obviously, a chronograph, which is certainly useful for timing laundry or the grill time of a steak, but is clearly meant for sportier activities. 

The BR 05 Chrono A523, as it is known, will primarily be of interest to a specific segment of F1 fans that are supporters of the Alpine team. While it might not be immediately obvious to F1 outsiders that this is a team watch, a close examination of the details reveal clues that are not subtle. The colors, of course, evoke those associated with Alpine, so we get a dark gray dial with blue accents on the tachymeter scale and chronograph second and minute hands. We also have the Alpine “A” logo acting as a counterweight on the chrono seconds hand, which is the most “in your face” bit of branding on the dial side of the watch, along with a stylized version of the French flag, also part of the team’s logo. This is otherwise a fairly standard BR 05 chronograph, and is fitted with the same BR-CAL.326 movement (a rebadged Sellita SW300) found in other Bell & Ross chronographs. 

The BR 05 Chrono A523 is a limited edition of 500 pieces. The retail price is $7,200 on a steel bracelet, or $6,700 on a leather strap. Bell & Ross

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