Christopher Ward C63 Colchester Gets Injected Carbon Case

The C60 Concept watch wasn’t the only thing to come out of Christopher Ward last week, and as cool as that one was (see our first look here), they quietly released an equally cool C63 Colchester with carbon case. You may remember the C63 Sealander Elite reviewed by Zach Weiss right here, which offered a new case and dial design with a trick telescoping crown that sat flush with the case when not in use. The C63 Colchester returns to this format, using an injected-carbon case and forged carbon dial that keeps the weight of the head under 40 grams, 38 to be exact (1.3oz).


The C63 Colchester gets its name from the British Army’s Parachute Regiment that inspired it. This is the first Military watch from Christopher Ward to use the Sealander case, and it gained approval by the Parachute Regiment through each step of its development, according to Christopher Ward. As such, this is a watch that’s pretty good at staying out of the way when it needs to, and capable of taking a punch or two if the situation arises. It is carbon, after all. 

The carbon case gets the ‘lightcatcher’ shape, and measures 41mm in diameter and 12.6mm in thickness. The lug to lug distance is a pleasant 47.5mm. These dimensions, paired with the shape of the case, and the extreme weight saving measures, should make this watch absolutely effortless on the wrist. Further, the crown sits flush against the case, requiring a press to extend and manipulate. 

Inside, Christopher Ward is using a COSC certified Sellita SW-200, which sits under a deep stamped caseback, also rendered in carbon. The movement fits within the confines of the dial, which allows peer-through holes between the hour markers that create a bridge over to the rehaut. 

The shade of red found on the seconds hand (which, by the way, no longer features the trident at its counter) is matched to the maroon found on the berets worn by the Parachute Troopers, and extends to the strap, which is made of #tide ocean material. 

In total, this watch offers an impressive amount of bang for the buck, considering the carbon case and dial, unique crown system, and COSC certified movement – the $1,130 pre-order price feels more than reasonable. Shipments should begin later this month. Christopher Ward.

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