Citizen Announces Fresh Divers for the Summer, Including a New Fujitsubo and Smaller Promaster Dive Watches

If ever there was a time in the market for a reinvigoration of classics, it’s now. And one could argue, with the releases coming out of Citizen in June, that the Japanese brand is leading the way. From reworking one of their most iconic lines to adding a fuller scope to their existing collections, Citizen has made it a mission this Summer to provide a variety of exciting, elegant, and even eco-conscious alternatives to other watches in their existing line-up.

For June, Citizen will be releasing three watch collections: the much-anticipated 37mm Promaster Dive, the Promaster Dive Automatic Super Titanium “Fujitsubo”, and the UNITE with BLUE Collection. Each one remains a variation on an existing theme within the Citizen universe, but with surprising, and sometimes intriguing, differences.

37mm Promaster Dive

Dive watches entering everyday wear has been on the rise over the last decade and it seems that the new Promaster Dive is where Citizen has gotten their sea legs. By reducing the 44mm size to a more wearable 37mm, it not only makes the dive watch feel slightly less sporty, but also less clunky when worn with a long-sleeved shirt. This, in turn, will appeal to a wider audience and reintroduce the Promaster to a new generation of fans.

Usually when there is a reduction in real estate on a watch, certain features have to be conceded for space. Not so with the smaller Promaster Dive. Citizen has made a conscious effort to keep all the reasons longtime divers love this watch without sacrificing too much in terms of utility and style. The watch is equipped with a stainless steel case, diving bezel, and impact-resistant mineral crystal, giving it a rugged and functional design. The movement is an Eco-Drive 168 movement, which charges the battery via ambient light. With its iconic polyurethane strap and being water resistant at 200m, it’s a watch that’s begging to be worn in the office or off the diving board this Summer.


The new Promaster Dive is available in three colorways: Black, Blue, and Pink/Silver. It is available now and retails for $375.

Promaster Dive Automatic Super Titanium™ “Fujitsubo”

In 1983, a watch washed ashore in Australia that was corroded, covered in barnacles and other flotsam from the ocean. The watch was a 1977 Challenge Diver and, amazingly, was still ticking after being submerged in the Pacific Ocean for years. This was the inspiration for another interpretation of the Promaster Dive being released this month.

Modernizing the classic Promaster, this new release is crafted from a proprietary Duratect DLC-coated Super Titanium and boasts 200m water resistance, making it both lightweight and durable. This variant is a stealthier version of the blue and black dialed references released last year, sporting a gray fumé dial along with the darkened case. It runs on an automatic movement with 42 hours of power reserve (caliber 9051) and is equipped with a matching titanium bracelet, a sapphire crystal, and screw-down crown. At 41mm, it’s more in-line with traditional dive watches and stands out for its tonal appeal mixed and impossibly light weight of its predecessors. The retail price is $1,195.

UNITE with BLUE Collection

In honor of World Oceans Day, Citizen has released the BLUE collection in honor of the world’s largest natural resource that remains critically endangered. This collection comprises a ladies, rectangular Bianca reference, an iconic Promaster Dive model, two technology-driven ATTESA timepieces and a luxurious women’s xC Super Titanium release. Each watch houses Citizen’s Eco-Drive movement for an additional nod to sustainability and features marine-inspired accents on the watch faces and bezels. The UNITE with BLUE Collection watches start at $525 for the Bianca, and top out at $1,995 for the ATTESA in Super Titanium. Citizen

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